Top Instagram Hacks for the Marketing of Your Ecommerce Store

With its growing demand, improved interface, and an ever expanding user base, Instagram has come up as one of the most famous social media platforms of its time.

The growing usage and popularity of Instagram have also made it one of the most useful social media networks for the purpose of marketing.

How, you ask?

Now, the paid ads and ad campaigns can be run on almost every leading social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But with Instagram, things can get a bit more interesting and effective.

This is because, with Instagram, you can indulge in so many different creative experiments that help you market the business and products of your ecommerce store. Need to know a few of them?

Let’s explore:

  • Don’t Keep Selling All The Time

Now, this might be a little odd for you to read. And no, I have not lost my mind!

I am well aware that you’re trying to sell as much as you can through your ecommerce store so as to generate sales and heaps of profit. But on Instagram, people don’t actually come to buy products.

They are there to see what their friends are up to, what’s new with their family, or what their favorite stars, singer, or celebrities are up to. When your audience is in this state of mind, how can you persuade them to directly make a purchase? You might get ignored, if you try!

So, avoid being too salesy on Instagram and try spicing things up a bit.

For this, you can use your products to create posts that are funny, motivational, aesthetic, and appealing in any way. The posts that indirectly use the products with a hidden message get a lot of traffic and generate more interest of the audience as compared to the general aggressive selling post.

So, instead of showing your product as an on-sale-piece, you can simply reflect it as a piece of lifestyle or need that your audiences need in their life.

  • Use Automation

It’s tried, tested, and proven by so many marketers that you can get free followers, responses, and even leads just by liking a few posts with a hashtags related to your business or by commenting on them.

This is one of the best ways of gaining followers and audience on Instagram, for free!
But how much time do you usually have in a day? And out of this, how much can you spend on Instagram?

You cannot sit back and like random Instagram pictures for the whole day. This consumes a lot of your time.

So, all you need is automation! Now, you must have come across a number of platforms and apps that can do that for you. If have no idea what I’m, talking about, let me tell you.

There are certain platforms available on the web that automatically perform the process of liking the pictures related to your business and commenting on them.

You need to pick one of these platforms suitable for your business and budget and get things done automatically. These web and mobile apps help you automate activities like liking and commenting based on related hashtags, posting on your behalf, and many other useful tasks that can save a lot of your time.

Some of these platforms are – Hootsuite, SocialRank, Instazood, Instagram Feed WD, etc.

  • Find Your Influencers

Influencer marketing has been gaining a great momentum in the digital market. Influencers are the people who already have a strong audience base.

People follow them because of their achievements, fame, expertise, or talent. These are the people that are connected to a lot of people through their social media accounts.

The social media influencers can be a goldmine for your ecommerce business. How?

Consider it in this way – the influencers of your business niche already have the audience that you’re trying to grab. So, instead of seeking all these people through different measures, you can seek the influencers and use their fame and audience at the same time.

This concept is called influencer marketing and it has grown very popular in the digital market, lately.

So, for your ecommerce store, or any specialized product that you’re dealing in, you can find the right Instagram influencer and use their audience to generate more followers, sales, and leads.

However, the influencers usually don’t work for free. But then, who does?

  • Feature Your Customers

If you’ve got a good customer base, why not take a week or month out and feature a few of them on your Instagram page?

This Instagram marketing strategy  is both fun and profitable. All you need to do is ask your customers to send their pics with the products that they have purchased from your store.

You can then post these pics on your Instagram page and write the reviews given by them or just mention them as your happy customers. This not only makes your customers more interested in your business and posts but also helps you boost traffic.

For this, you can specify a week or month where you celebrate your customers and post their pictures. This technique can really bring lots of results to your ecommerce store.

Thus, with all these useful yet easy tips and tricks, you can market your ecommerce store on Instagram more effectively. So, if you’ve always been on a marketing budget and couldn’t explore much because of that, these techniques can be a lot of help.

Instagram is full of growth opportunities, you just need to tap them and avail them with the right tactics and marketing plan.