Top 8 Tips to Optimize Your Online Sales during Ramadan

Ramadan is the sacred month of intense praying, month-long fasting, and nightly feasting. Being the holiest month of the year for Muslims, they celebrate by making online purchases for various household, personal, as well as gift items. Like most festive seasons, Ramadan presents the biggest opportunity to the retailers as this is the time when the online spending by Muslims all over the world rises significantly.

Online sales and website traffic start increasing three weeks before Ramadan. According to Criteo, a research conducted in April 2017 reported that there was an average of 67 percent uplift in online retail sales and 14 percent uplift in online travel sales during Ramadan.

With this rise in online shopping, business competition also increases during Ramadan. Every online retailer must devise strategies to market during this holy month and earn more profits.

You can hire SEO company India for preparing your marketing plan and implementing it in a better way. Here, in this blog post, we are going to share with you the top 10 tips that marketers follow to optimize online sales during the month of Ramadan. Check them out and try implementing them for your business to reap more benefits.

1. Start early

Ramadan is a high season for sales! So, plan out your promotions in advance and make sure you don’t miss out any opportunity to garner benefits. You can start by preparing and scheduling your promotional/marketing stuff, which can bring you higher ROI and better customer engagement. Once they are scheduled, you can use automation to trigger emails after the scheduled promotional stuff is posted.

2. Be Ramadan-relevant

Make sure the promotional stuff you create is relevant to Ramadan. There are many deals and discounts offered during this month and people search for them too. So, focus on providing your perspective customers with what they are looking for. You can go for selling religious/ethnic attires or gifts specific to the festival.

3. Get Aggressive On Mobile

More mobile phone usage is experienced during the season of Ramadan as compared to other months because most people stay away from their home. So, make sure your campaign channels like landing pages are responsive to all mobile phones and give user-friendly experience to your customers.

4. Specify Campaign Management

How you are going to manage your campaigns well in advance makes a lot of difference in the results they deliver.  Don’t forget to plan out Pre-Ramadan campaigns as before Ramadan begins, it is time when you can emotionally connect with potential shoppers. If you are not sure how to plan your Pre-Ramadan campaigns then hire Google AdWords expert to accomplish this task well.

5. Focus Your Marketing Efforts On The Right Times

Ramadan is a time when you can display your promotions longer as people who are fasting have more free time and they tend to make large purchases. You must offer affordable options to make large purchases by giving those deals and discounts.

6. Make Your E-Commerce Store User-Friendly

Make sure that your website offers user-friendly features as these are crucial for the success of your marketing efforts. If you lose to provide user-friendly experience, your shoppers will jump to other similar sites offering them features that ease their shopping experience.

7. Make The Most Of Social Media

It is highly advisable to incorporate social media in your marketing strategy if you want to drive more traffic to your online store. Facebook and Twitter are the best platforms for Ramadan promotions. Hire Facebook ad expert to earn more from this platform. Strategically improve the interaction on social media as most of your customers are active social media users. The businesses that do not have social media marketers outsource social media marketing work to reap more benefits.

8. Don’t Ignore Feast Days

Feast days are the last 3 days of Ramadan. It is the time when people are more into feasting and celebrating. The retailers experience a sharp decline in sales at that time but don’t lose hopes as you can still make profits by putting little extra efforts. Reach your customers with a warm message of Eid along with the closing deals and discounts.

I hope, you have understood well what the best strategies are and how to put them into use correctly. If you are so much stuck in your business and you do not have any marketing team to handle this stuff then it is advisable to hire SEO Company India for your business. SoftProdigy is one of the most renowned online marketing service providers serving a large client base across the globe. Get in touch with us now!