Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks for Web Development In 2020

The world is moving fast and so is the world of web development. With numerous frameworks available for web development, you can expect it to grow blazingly fast. This article is dedicated to the discussion of the top 5 JavaScript frameworks for web development in 2020.

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1. Angular

Angular is the most powerful, efficient and open-source framework amongst all. It has become much advanced and modular to use for front-end development. The flexibility of this framework contributes a lot to its popularity and every professional JavaScript development company relies on it.

2. React

React framework has been created by Facebook and it earned a lot of popularity within a short period. This framework makes way for the development and operation of the dynamic User Interface of the web pages with high traffic. It uses a reactive approach by introducing its own concepts for front-end development.

3. Vue.js

Vue.js offers various features and its dual integration mode has garnered a lot of limelight for the creation of high-end Single Page Application. Vue uses an HTML-based template syntax that allows a remote JavaScript developer to write components with utmost convenience. Also, it is easy to integrate into other applications and languages. You will also be amazed to know that it comes in a very small file size that makes it easy to include it in projects without any fear of slowdown.

4. Ember.js

Ember.js has gained huge popularity since the time it got introduced in the market. Every professional and knowledgeable remote JavaScript developer considers it a reliable platform to handle complicated User Interfaces. Did you know? Popular and highly useful websites like LinkedIn, Netflix and others use this framework for their websites.

5. Node.js

Node.js works on cross-platforms and is a server-side JavaScript run-time environment. It possesses event-driven architecture that makes it capable of driving asynchronous I/O. Node.js exhibits similar properties like that of JAVA that include the likes of threading, packages and forming of loops.

6. Backbone.js

This JavaScript framework is based on MVC architecture and the view of MVC helps implement component logic similar to a Controller. It is a great facilitator for the quick development of Single Page Applications. If you are in need of designing an app that has different types of users, then you can do that conveniently with the use of Backbone collections (arrays) to separate the models.

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