Top 21 UI/UX Design Trends to Watch For In 2021

As we finally say goodbye to 2020, it is time to reflect on the developments that have taken place in 2020 and are guiding the UI/UX design trends of 2021. Some major alterations in the app design and web design is expected this year, and we have curated a list of 21 trends followed by the best website designing company in Indiathat you need to watch out for this year. 

Let’s have a look at these design trends that are going to change the game in the year 2021:

1. 3D Illustrations

3D imagery is extremely popular with users as well as with developers as it makes the design energetic and fun. Creating 3D imagery is set to become easier for regular UI designers and a number of new tools are going to be introduced to make this process possible. 3D is widely used in full-screen animations as the key visuals and is one of the most common design trends followed by the best website designing company in India.  

2. Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is the newest craze in UI, which is mostly based on an effect called the background blur. This feature basically creates the ‘through the glass’ look and feel on elements. It was introduced in Windows Vista, and then later in iOS7. It is here to stay and is going to revolutionize the design world. 

As a web design company in India,SoftProdigy has been following the concept of glassmorphism in our ongoing projects and it helps us make the websites winning! 

3. Real Life Pictures

Real life photographs are making a comeback as people switch from illustrations and 3D graphics to look for something new. Illustrations might not be for everyone, but real-life pictures make a big impact on people. Any website that is based on real-life photography looks great!

4. Vivid Colors

Colors create a magical, almost ethereal vibe for websites or mobile apps and people prefer them to be as vivid as possible. Vivid colours are making a comeback, thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram. It is being seen that they help brands make an impact on their customers. Colours make it easier to differentiate and remember a product for a longer time, and that is what brands want.

5. Blurred Yet Colorful Backgrounds

This one is similar to the one above, but mixed with glassmorphism for a better impact. The outcome of this effect is a delicate background that makes the UI more pleasant to look at. The designs that use blurred backgrounds look amazingly organic, warm, and welcoming. 

6. Aesthetic Minimalism

This is one trend that everyone just loves as there is nothing aesthetically more pleasing than a simple, minimal, and readable UI.

7. Geometric Structures

This year is all about designs that have a tidy, conservative, and neat visual structure. Such designs help display information in a better fashion. 

8. Big Typography

Big, sophisticated typography is playing a major role in the design of a product. Some products are even entirely based on typography, which is interesting to look at.

9. Brutalism

The concept of Brutalism refers to the concept, which includes strong contrasts, often unpleasant typography, and several problems with accessibility and readability. The main idea behind this is to basically deconstruct what we perceive as beautiful and useful. The top web design company in Indiadeveloping a large number of apps and websites are pursuing this trend in 2021 to stand out from the crowd.

10. Simplification of UI/UX Process

This trend is not visual in any way but extremely useful and popular. More and more people in the design industry are realizing that the process behind most product designs is extremely complicated. This is bad not just for product designers, but for products themselves. There is a need for change, and this change is slowly happening. 2021 is going to be a banner year for such changes. 

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11. Dark Mode

Another very popular web trend that is catching on is the dark mode. Brands such as Instagram, Apple, Android, and more are offering alternative themes in their products. The dark mode looks ultra-modern, allows highlighting and popping of other design elements, and helps save battery power of the device.

12. Elements that Add Uniqueness and Invoke Positivity

Incomplete, free-hand web application design elements infuse positive emotions. They make websites unique and authentic. Users are leaning in favour of hand-drawn, exotic, and imperfect visuals as they tend to add a personality and human values to visual impressions. 

13. Immersive 3D Elements

3D design elements have fascinated users for many years. The popularity of this trend is going to increase in 2021 as VR and AR technologies gain momentum now. So, it becomes a perfect idea to combine these techniques to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals taking up the whole users’ screen.

14. Soft Shadows, Layers, and Floating Elements

The most innovative designs are built to intensify certain elements. Soft shadows and floating visuals evoke positive emotions. They show the depth in elements and make your webpage looking slightly 3D. The trend is applicable not only to graphics but also to the text, images, videos, etc.

15. Picture Collages

Another hot UI/UX trend that is catching on and likely to grow in 2021 is the overlap of graphics onto images. Such mixing techniques allow designers to unleash their creativity and be able to implement great designs. Collages, unlike static images or graphics, are flexible and add personality to a web page.

16. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice chat bots and visual assistants are without a doubt the most important trends of 2021. They have completely transformed the way we search for information on a website, take notes, interact with the admins, and more. The human-centred design tendency is expected to become a craze in 2021.

17. Abstract Data Visualization

Data in the form of tables, databases, lists, and other formats appears out-of-date, unattractive, and tiresome. Abstract data visualization is a good solution for websites that are tech and production-oriented.

18. Excellent Product Photography

The era of classic and realistic product images is a thing of the past. Forget about them and step forward to a new UI/UX design trend – surreal item photos. The main idea is to dazzle the eyes of visitors and attract their attention by showcasing interesting and unreal elements. Customers are as it is drawn to well-photographed products on e-commerce websites.

19. Realistic Textures

After several years of ethereal gradients and smooth isometric objects, textures come back. This trend has a great potential in 2021. Product owners can make users want to reach out and touch textures by designing contours and grains. This is why a website designing company in Indiawill accommodate a website with realistic textures for better UI. 

20. Use of Bold Fonts in UI/UX Designs

Bold fonts are not an innovation in 2021, but the trend is gaining momentum. The matter is that most users pay attention to the webpage heading first. For this reason, it is crucial to attract customers’ attention by using bold fonts for titles. This technique allows you to add more visual sense to the information you want to highlight, be it a separate category, subject, service, and even product.

21. Communicating Through Designs

The time of explaining everything through text is long gone. Website and app owners are now communicating their ideas through designs and video content. Every element of the design is created keeping the big picture in mind and is used to convey the brand message effectively.

To sum up, it is safe to say that design is going to be the focus of every brand in 2021. The major trends are going to be a mix of good old-fashioned bold fonts, 3D elements, realistic textures, futuristic dark mode, abstract data visualization, and voice user interface. To succeed in creating a unique and engaging user interface, the business owner should choose and combine several of these features together. So, get your website designing company in India to follow these trends and use up these features for an excellent and high-performing design. 

Summary: Design is going to be the focus of every brand in 2021. The major trends are going to be a mix of good old-fashioned bold fonts, 3D elements, realistic textures, futuristic dark mode, abstract data visualization, and voice user interface. To succeed in creating a unique and engaging user interface, the business owner should choose and combine several of these features together.