Top 10 On-demand Mobile App Development Ideas of 2020

Undoubtedly, the on-demand economy has grabbed the spotlight in the realm of mobile app development. There are some really formidable reasons behind it.

First, the on-demand economy lets end-users receive goods or services in the wink of an eye. Second, there are enough business owners and entrepreneurs who can scale their business to a highly profitable level by using the power of the on-demand economy. With every hybrid mobile app development company trying to lead the pack of IT companies on the global level through creating Uber-like apps, there is all for gains.

According to Business Insider:

“Over $4.8 Billion in capital has been invested in on-demand companies…”                                       

Before we list the top on-demand app development ideas of 2019, let’s have a look at how on-demand apps work. And how do mobile app development companies have an upper hand with the on-demand economy?

If we try to define the term “on-demand”, it would clearly be as making goods and products immediately accessible to the users. Using mobile apps as a platform to do the same involves a golden combination of the latest technologies and leveraging the digital marketplace.

1. Uber-like Taxi App:

Without any doubt, uber-like apps are much in demand these days. After the successful Uber clone script, more and more solopreneurs as well as taxi or cab agencies are looking out to create such similar apps to give a push to their business and earn more. When so many people use smartphones these days, it is obvious that substantial profits flow from mobile apps.

2. Online Food Delivery App:

With a huge success of Uber Eats and Zomato, global entrepreneurs are thinking of ways to launch an online food delivery app by hiring an expert mobile app developer. Hire only the experts from the industry who have created similar apps. Integrating dynamic features into the app for reaching smartphone users with incredible user-experiences will make the app- A big hit for sure!

3. Flower Delivery App:

So many people around the world love to give flowers to their loved ones. Most of them use flower delivery services. How about you bring your florist business online to make the services even more comfortable with the click of a button? A flower on-demand app would facilitate app users to order fresh flowers and get them delivered as and when required.

4. Milk Delivery App:

Milk subscription apps or online milk delivery app solutions are the best way to ensure daily fresh milk delivery to homes in the morning. Using these apps, there is a complete solution of tracking the milkman, billing, invoicing as well as stop/ pause the subscription when the customer is out on vacation. Xamarin app development by an expert company would surely create an app that will yield profits for you.

5. Grocery On-demand App:

Daily grocery shopping? Check.

With an online grocery app, app users are able to easily order and pay through the app itself. When you hire professionals for creating a grocery app for your grocery store, you are able to sell more and reach people easily whenever they order products from you. A local grocery store app will do wonders if apt features are integrated into the app with precision keeping in mind the user-experience that engages the people.

6. Doctor On-demand App:

As we all are aware of the fact that a doctor on-demand app is a big hit worldwide. Based on similar lines, more medical institutions and doctors, as well as medico professionals, are mindful of the astounding results of an online doctor appointment app as far as their services are concerned. More people can connect to doctors through online video conferencing after they book an appointment for online consultation.

7. On-demand Cleaner App:

Why people love to hire cleaners online if because they know the hassle and tiredness that comes in straight away from house cleaning job! If you are an agency that has a number of professional cleaners, you can just go ahead and hire a hybrid app development company that can create an app with features like booking calendar, tracking the services, online payment gateway integration and more.

8. On-demand Medicine Delivery App:

Medicine delivery apps help people order medicines from pharmacies in no time! This is the reason why pharmacies or medical stores are keen on getting medicine delivery app built with the latest technologies integrated into the app. If a pharmacy owner wants to deliver the medicines on the demand of the user of the app, then he should get an app created by the professionals of the mobile app development services.

9. Handyman On-demand App:

A handyman is a skilled person who is able to reach you on order when any electronic wiring or a water pipe gets out of order. Any app user would love to book a handyman visit to their home so that they don’t have to call him to follow up. An app is an easy and interactive way to get things done in the least time possible. On-demand apps have made the lives of the people easier with apps like Uber for Handyman.

10 .On-demand Car Wash App:

Sounds interesting? Well, it surely is! When a person is in need of a car wash, he can book the services through on-demand car wash booking app. If you provide these services, you can hire an on-demand car wash app development company for an app with different panels. There is a car washer panel, a user panel and an admin panel with unique features.


The on-demand economy has been embraced by the businesses to come up with unique ideas to leverage the best from the latest technology. A business owner can invest smartly into it taking into account its immense benefits. Moreover, it encompasses something for every kind of business to serve the customers on the plate.

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