Top 10 Node.JS Development Companies in Newyork

Robust websites and mobile apps are nowadays the lifelines businesses need for growth. These websites and mobile apps are powered by high-end technologies. One of these advanced technologies is Node.JS. Most of the businesses nowadays want to hire one of the top ten node.JS development companies in NYC.


There are some reasons of it. For example:

  • It is an open source service environment.
  • It is compatible with a variety of operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX and OS X. etc.
  • It is available for free.
  • It has the capacity needed to utilize JavaScript on the server.

This list of Node.JS benefits is just a trailer of the values it adds to your business.

Coming to the point, you must be thinking about contacting Node.JS development companies in NYC after knowing about some of its capabilities mentioned above. Therefore, reading this post till the end will help you save your time in this task. Let’s know about them below one-by-one:

Top Ten Node.JS Development Companies in NYC


Founded in 2006, SoftProdigy has been providing a wide range of IT services to the clients from all parts of the world. The company has developed massive client base with its IT Services. But the company has mainly established itself on the basis of the quality of Node.JS services provided to the clients. Given below are some reasons that put SoftProdigy one top of the top ten Node.JS development companies in NYC.

  • Cross-platform development
  • End-to-end solutions’ development
  • Ensure latency and scalability
  • Development of Node.JS based websites, mobile apps, plugins, APIs and a lot more.
  • Hassle-free migration to Node.JS

For more information in this regard, explore the website of SoftProdigy. In addition to having an office in NYC, the company has branches Dubai and in several other parts of the world also.


The company has been around for a long period of time. The company has been gaining attention and respect from clients internationally. Thanks to the quality of Node.JS development services they provide to clients. The list of services that make them one of the top ten Node.JS development companies in NYC includes but is not limited to the following only:

  • Cross platform development
  • Website development
  • Mobile app development
  • Plugin development
  • API development


Since marking inception in 2009, this company has been living up to the expectations of international clients. Thanks to the variety of IT solutions they provide. The quality of solutions based on Node.JS provided to clients has played a major role in their success. Need reasons to seek Node.JS development services from BairesDev? Given below is the list for you:

  • Development of Node.JS based websites
  • Development of mobile apps based on Node.JS
  • Development of Node.JS based Plugins
  • Development of Node.JS based APIs and a lot more.

Maybe you should visit their website to know more about it.


This is another US based Node.JS group of developers you can trust for delivering quality. The company claims to have more than 13 Node.JS based projects successfully. If stats collected from various websites are to be believed, Cron-J has successfully contributed to the success of more than 10 Node.JS based projects. You can talk to them for seeking the Node.JS services:

  • Quantum Node.JS services
  • JS Web development services
  • JS mobile app development services


Biztech has been around for a long period of time. The company houses a team of developers who have mastered Node.JS for adding happy clients to their client base. This US based Node.JS service provider can be trusted for the development of the following using their Node.JS development services:


  • Mobile apps
  • APIs
  • JS plugins
  • JS apps
  • Web apps
  • Shopping carts
  • Node JS Migration


This group of software development teams is generally known for delivering client satisfaction. They mainly make it happen with their Node.JS development services dedicated to ensuring the following:

  • Designing and building fantastic applications
  • Leveraging full potential of Node.JS based micro services.
  • Developing type-safe GraphQL APIs


Looking for a team loaded with the wealth of experience for the development of scalable, real-time and event-driven applications in United States? 10 Clouds could be the right place for you. From tools to experienced team, the company has everything to exceed your requirements and expectations.

iTechArt Group

iTechArt is US based technology solution provider. Founded in 2006, the company has successfully delivered more than 250 projects through their 1600 developers. The major credit of their success goes to the quality of the Node.JS services they provide to their clients.


TopDevelopers.CO has already recognized Fingent as one of the best Node.JS development company. Founded in 2003, the company has been able to exceed their client’s needs and expectations with the help of competent Node.JS development team they house.


Is your website, web app, API, mobile app etc. is causing performance, scalability, developmental speed related issue? Well, then Neoteric could be the right hand for you to count on. The company has earned great reputation in the domain of Node.JS development over the last couple of years. The whole credit goes to their Node.JS development team, practices and ethics.

This is the list of top ten Node.JS developers in NYC, United States. Hopefully, this helps you choose the one that exceeds your requirements and expectations. The best advice in this process we can give is that you should definitely consider or figure out your business needs in advance. This will help you choose the right Node.JS development company in NYC like SoftProdigy or OnGoBuyo etc. More importantly, it will save your time!

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