Things that iOS 10 Has In Store for The iOS And Swift App Developers

Acknowledged as the biggest release ever by the Apple officials, the iOS 10 was released on June 13, 2016. So, as it’s already a few months past 2017, and the fact that iOS 10.3 is launched already, iOS 10 is not a hot news anymore.

However, for developers, the competent operating systems like iOS 10 are always the big news as the iPhone users are still using the iOS 10 extensively!

And if you’re an iOS or Swift mobile app developer who has still not tried their luck with iOS 10 app development, this article is wholly for you. So, what’s new with the iOS 10?

To answer that a lot! There is the iMessage, Photos, Apple Music, Maps, Siri, Apple Pay, News, Control Center, and what not! A lot of changes have been made in this version of iOS, giving the custom iOS app developers a chance to dive into the new opportunities of app development.

With iOS 10, it has become handier for the iOS developers to create more interactive apps with app extensions like intents, intents UI, iMessage, Sticker Pack, Call Directory, Notification Service, Notification Content, etc.

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Let’s have a look at what the iOS 10 has in store for you, to augment your app development process using Swift:

  1. The Messaging Is Overhauled

Benefit to the developers: Convenient to Extend Messaging Apps

For iOS 10, the Swift mobile app developers can easily create extensions for the apps that can interact with the Messages app. With the help of these extensions the users can send text messages, media files, interactive media, stickers, etc.

The users are able to send the interactive messages using the Messages app and these messages are updated when responded on by the user on receiving end. In the new Messages app, the iOS developers can create the two types of extensions:

  1. iMessage App:

With an iMessage app, the custom iOS app developers get an interactive platform to add life to the messaging conversations of iOS 10. With the help of the iMessage app, you can create an iMessage app with a creative and customizable user interface of the messaging, include text, stickers, or any other media file for a much interactive communication through messages.

Through an iMessage app, the users can share media, communicate through text and stickers, collaborate, and even play games together. You can also add a stickers or images browser within your app in the latest iOS 10.

  1. Sticker Pack

With the growing popularity of ‘saying with the stickers’, the iOS users are often crazy about using stickers in their conversations. So, in place of using text or emoji, they love to say it with the stickers.

Such a popular usage of stickers on the iOS messaging induced Apple to allow the developers create interactive sticker packs with iOS 10. And it turns out to be a boon to the Swift mobile app developers. With the sticker pack, you can really add charms to any iMessage app that you develop.

You can add custom stickers in a pack that have an emotional appeal to them. You can add custom text to give a better meaning to the stickers and can set them for a global usage. The stickers can be incorporated within the apps in different sizes. Also, the creation or development of a sticker pack doesn’t require any coding by the developers. It can simply be done by dragging the imaged in the sticker pack folder which is in Xcode in the Stickers catalogue.

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  1. Enhanced Animations

Benefit to the developers: Better Control over Your Animations

It was with the launch of iOS 8 that Apple allowed the developers to add animations within their apps. The feature was quite powerful but didn’t support the ‘ease of use’ for the developers. And thus, it was always a little hard for the developers to add more sophisticated animations in their Swift mobile app.

However, with the release of iOS 10, Apple gave a good grip to the developers over their animation game. The developers can now have a managed control over the in-app animations. They can easily start, pause, resume or stop the animations as per the requirements of their custom iOS app.

The developers can also get an easy control over various properties of the animations like transform, positions, alpha, etc.

You can thus, create realistic and subtle animations with some real-life motions. You can also control the motion of the animation to make it seem more realistic with an option to stop or minimize the animations within the app.

For professional services in using the enhanced animations option of iOS 10, you can hire a custom iOS app development company.

  1. SiriKit

Benefit to the developers: Making Services Available through Siri

The Siri functionality of iOS is known by us all. And with iOS 10, the developers can use Siri for their own app as well. This is possible with the SiriKit available with the iOS 10.

The iOS or Swift mobile app developers can use the SiriKit if their app is providing services in certain domains. Through SiriKit they can make these services available to the users through Siri.

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For this, the developers require to create one or multiple extensions with the Intents and Intents UI Frameworks.

The services supported by Siri are like searching images, making audio or video calls, sending messages, booking cabs, managing your workout routine, making reservations, etc.

When a user requests any of these services using your app, an intent object is sent to your extension by SiriKit. The user’s request is thus describes to Siri and the results related to this request are displayed and managed by Siri.

This way, you can make your custom iOS app, Siri friendly and your users would find it more interactive.

For the learned developers, there is a lot more that iOS 10 has in store. However, with the release of iOS 10.3 recently, things have changed even more and have gotten even better.

Let’s have a look at the changes brought in by this new version of iOS for the users:

What’s New with iOS 10.3?

  • Just like the ‘Find my iPhone’ app, the new version also comes with the ‘Find my AirPods’ app that can be used when someone loses their AirPods. The app can be used with any iOS device.
  • With the new update, iOS debuted the new video app named – Clips. This amazing video app allows the users to create creative videos for shorter durations. The videos created using ‘Clips’ can use different other videos, images, audio, icon overlays, filters, text, etc.
  • With the latest versions of the iOS 10, it is now possible for the users to delete or remove the pre-installed apps from their iPhones.

All of this, and a lot more changes in the lock screen, messages, home screen, Siri, etc. have made iOS a more interactive platform for the users. And not only for the users, but the platform has also grown to be the best for the iOS and Swift mobile app developers. This is because, with so many interactive features, the developers have more and more opportunities for creating more interactive apps.

Besides, Apple has always been considerate about the custom iOS app developers, giving them so many development opportunities with an abundance of features.

With all these features and extensions for the custom iOS app developers, iOS 10 has turned out to be a boon for the iOS mobile developers. Not only have the development tools and environment turned the development process into a breeze, but the new iOS platform allows the developers to be more creative.

If you’re an iOS developer who loves to experiment with creative things, you must optimize your skills with this new iOS platform and keep on polishing with every new version of the platform.

Apple has been setting some serious marks in the world of mobile apps and so, to pace up with these advancements, you need to buff your skills up.

If you’re not a professional developer and seek the best iOS app development experts, you can hire iOS developer India for expert services.

So, keep up with the latest technologies being introduced by Apple, to deliver the best iOS or Swift mobile app services to your customers!