The New Update Making React Native the Framework of Choice in 2020

Introduced by Jordan Walke on Facebook in 2015, React Native has reinvented the way mobile applications are developed for various platforms. React Native framework was created for simple app development and for ensuring a better user experience in the apps.

It is an open-source framework that allows creating mobile apps using only JavaScript.

Being a cross-platform framework, it can be used for building powerful native-like apps which don’t differ from the apps developed in Objective-C, Java, Swift, etc.React Native has easily eliminated the need for creating different apps for different platforms, thus helping developers save considerable cost and time for the company.

A business owner can now create a single app that works seamlessly on Android as well as iOS operating systems by hiring a react native app development company.

A number of big players in the business world, including tech giants like Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Tesla, etc. have already adopted the React Native mobile app development technology for their apps.

Being an extremely futuristic framework meant for cross-platform mobile app development, it is being preferred by more and more businesses all around the world. Companies are waking up to its many benefits and hiring dedicated react native developers to develop all kinds of apps.

React native framework is constantly evolving and getting even better with every new upgrade. React native developers are being hired to create a native-like, customizable, and feature-rich mobile app by companies.

changes have made react native framework even better

The latest update of its framework is making remote react native developers favour it even more in 2020. The following changes have made react native framework even better:

  • Improvement in Accessibility

The release of 0.60 version has taken care of accessibility issues that a react native app development company usually faced. These changes have been included to improve accessibility:

  • Some missing roles have been added for different components.
  • A lot of importance has been given to the inclusion of web support in the next few years and an accessibility state API has been included.
  • This time, iOS will support a reduced motion and iOS accessibility flags.
  • In case of Android, accessibility Info API has been added. announceFORAccessibility () is now supported.
  • New Start Screen

A new app screen is devised in the latest version of React Native. This new screen is believed to be more user-friendly and show valuable instructions clearly.

Also, the new UI is anticipated to introduce the remoteReact Native app developers to the ecosystem in a more engaging manner. Businesses that hire dedicated React Native developers will be able to provide the best UI/UX to their users.

  • Auto-linking for Relevant Operating System

The React Native framework comes equipped with a vast library that includes native as well as platform-specific code. React Native Developers get abundant advantages in development because of the tools and libraries like NPMs, Github forks, and other third party platforms. These tools provide libraries for integrating maps, standard UI controls, etc. The latest version has a new addition in the form of a replacement for the react-native link. This allows developers to find and use the code library once more for a particular operating system. The React Native CLI team has brought forth significant changes and made headway in the auto-linking since the React Native version 0.60.4.

  • Quick Refresh

The previous React Native update included an exceptional feature called the ‘Fast Refresh’. This new feature made the app development for the companies that hired React Native developers even better. This feature is regarded as a blend of “live reloading” and “hot reloading” with full support for modern React. Hiring a React Native development company is an even more lucrative proposition now more than ever as this feature will make app development faster than ever.

  • Declarative Coding Style

The declarative coding style in React Native is what makes it so popular with developers. This style ensures that The development is understandable and flexible for the developers. It streamlines the development process. The code is easier to read and understand, simply by looking at it.

Apart from these features, the React Native core team announced the launch of React Native Doctor which makes updates and migration less painful. Also, it was announced that Flipper will be made available in the version 0.62 by default – which is another feature that developers are really excited about. Helper got its long-awaited new update and CocoaPods became part of the React Native iOS project.

There are two ways in which a remote React Native developer can help a business upgrade their app to React Native 0.61.

  1. Upgrading a React Native app in ongoing projects.
  2. Upgrading a React Native app by building new projects.

While upgrading in the existing project is the easiest way to upgrade to the new version, creating a new project in the latest react native version is the most preferred.

Based on this information, you know how this new version of React Native is in for a great chance.