The Effects of Google’s Decision to Restrict Non-Advertiser’s Access to the Keyword Data Planner Tool on the Entire Organic and Paid SEO Communities

Google, the world’s leading search engine giant, plans ban on non-advertisers from accessing keyword data planner tool. This is not the first news in this regard. Dating back to the month of June 2016, Google said that the company is likely to ban restrict access to the keyword planner tool only for inactive Adwords campaign management companies.
It seems as if Google is backing out from its own statement, as a lot of conflicting reports have been doing rounds on internet. According to these reports, even users or companies logged in with their active Adwords account are also facing problem in accessing Google’s Keyword Data Planner Tool.

This is Merely Icing on the Cake

The problem actually is much more than it appears to be. It appears as if Google itself is in two minds. This is clearly visible through the Google’s error message asking users to have active campaigns to gain access to the company’s Keyword Data Planner Tool. All of the advertisers including pay-per-click marketing companies are getting this message.
“To use Keyword Planner, you need to have at least one active campaign. If you have an active campaign and are still seeing this message, try reloading keyword Planner in a few minutes.”

This is What Google Has to Say about the Problem

Many of the Advertisers are approaching Google in this regard via company’s official Twitter account. However, the company seems to be contradicting itself in its own replies to the users stating that this is not true. There seems to be some mindboggling technical issue affecting access to the company’s keyword planner tool at the moment. Moreover, Advertisers need not bother about having an active campaign to access Keyword Data Planner Tool. However, access to an active Adwords account is still mandatory.
Coming back to the technical issue, the entire technical team is busy working on resolving it as soon as possible.

It Mean a Lot for the SEO Professionals Because

• This has definitely affected SEO professionals who heavily rely on the tool for Organic SEO every day.

• Google’s latest instruction of maintaining an active Adwords account and Campaign at the same time must have shocked the entire Organic SEO and Paid Search Engine Community to the core.

• If only an Adwords account is required than the situation has still not got as worst as it could easily get. Active and non-active advertisers could still do their business just by obtaining one account for continuing hassle-free access to Google’s Keyword Planner Tool.

• This decision by Google must have forced new advertisers from commencing an Adwords campaign and account under all sorts of circumstances.

The Biggest Worry for Advertisers and SEO Community

The technical snag restricting advertiser’s access to Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is the main cause of worry. Let’s just hope for the best. All of the Adwords campaign management companies and PPC marketers will be informed immediately after the issue