SoftProdigy’s Tax Monitor System: Managing the Tax Litigations Conveniently

Do you own a large business organization? Well. Stop right there and read on as I have something for you that can make your life quite easy!

Managing and organizing the whole workflow of a large business organization is an exhaustive task in itself. And it’s not just one task, it incorporates hundreds of tasks altogether. In the middle of all the chaos already prevailing within the organization, in terms of management and organization, there comes another situation.

The maintenance, recording, and management of the Tax litigations.

Keeping a track of the tax litigations in a bigger business organization calls for heaps of paperwork and an exhaustive record of dates and timelines. Even if you maintain the digital spreadsheets for your tax litigation records, things are going to get messed up and slow in the longer run.

So, what’s the solution to the problem? How about a web-based platform for managing all this for you, with interactive and smart features? What if you could keep all the litigation records in one place from where you could get an access to any of the cases, anytime with a blink of an eye?

Well, it’s not a dream anymore as SoftProdigy brings to you the most competent Tax litigation management system called the Tax Monitor.

So, what does this Tax Monitor do, you ask? Have a look at all the features that it has got for you:

Features of Tax Monitor:

  1. 1. Manage Tax Returns For Both Direct And Indirect Taxes

Filing of the taxes might be daunting, especially when you have multiple taxes to calculate and file from multiple departments of an organization.

With Tax Monitor, the big business organizations can keep a complete record of all the tax returns that needs to be filed. The Tax Monitor allows the organizations to manage both kinds of tax returns, that is, for the direct taxes as well as the indirect taxes.

And it’s a lot more than e-filing. You can keep the track of the annual record of your tax deductions, filing, and refunds, if any.

With the help of this feature, a business organization can thoroughly keep all the tax litigation files in one place and manage them accordingly, without overlooking or forgetting any of these.

  1. 2. View Tax Demand And Refund Details

For different types of taxes, be it the direct or indirect taxes, a business organization needs to keep the record of the tax demand documents and refund details.

Through Tax Monitor, you can get an easy access to the tax demand documents to see how much you owe in a particular tax. Through the refund details option, the refund on tax is calculated and managed for different apartments of the business organization, easily.

So, knowing how much you owe, how much you paid, and how much refund you earned is made quite easy! You can thus handle your tax litigations smoothly and smartly with the revolutionary Tax Monitor Platform by SoftProdigy.

  1. 3. Digital Document Management

Gone are the days of paperwork and Red Tapism. Today, everything is done on the digital front through web. If you’re sick and tired of maintaining exhaustive file work for your tax cases or lawsuits, we feel your pain!

At SoftProdigy, our experts have kept in mind the chaos that is often created because of the heaps of paperwork. Not only is the paperwork difficult to manage, but a little carelessness can make you lose some of your important documents and information that might not be recoverable.

With this picture in mind, we came up with Tax Monitor. This amazing platform not only resolves your problem of keeping the track of your tax litigations but it also helps you manage and store your documents in the digital form. You can keep the electronic copies of your tax litigations that are easier to access and can also be used for e-filing of taxes.

The management of the e-documents for your tax litigations comes in handy with the interactive features of Tax Monitor.

Managing the Tax Litigations Conveniently - SoftProdigy

  1. 4. Comprehensive And Effective Reporting Area For Getting Insights

Tax Monitor System comes with an inbuilt reporting feature through which you can easily generate the tax litigation and lawsuit reports on spreadsheets. This way, you can maintain a complete record of all the information related to the litigations and cases within the files.

Now, if you want to get any previous information related to the organization’s tax litigations and lawsuits, you can easily find it and access it. For instance, if you want to look up for the tax litigations from a particular month for a particular department of the organization, you can easily do that.

All you need to do is search for the document through various filters available within the Tax Monitor System and the reports will be generated.

  1. 5. Manage Litigations Under Multiple Laws And Units

With all the tax litigation information being recorded and saved in your Tax Monitor, how would you differ the litigations?

To keep a complete record of the tax litigations in the most effective way, it must be easy for the management to locate the litigation documents based on the applicable laws. At SoftProdigy, we kept this little detail in mind while creating our revolutionary Tax Monitoring System. You can easily filter out the tax litigations on the basis of the law governing them.

Also, you can locate the litigations on the basis of the department/unit of your organization that has recorded the documents using the system.

So, it is convenient to locate the files, based on different requirements.

All in all, the Tax Monitoring System by SoftProdigy is created keeping in mind your management problems when it comes to the tax litigation management. For big organizations, there are much bigger tasks to pay heed to and so, you can leave your tax litigation management solution to us!

With our veteran experts, we have developed this failsafe Tax Litigation Management solution for your business. So, why let the chaos prevail! Choose SoftProdigy to get a grip on your tax matters.