SoftProdigy’s Offbeat Social Networking Mobile Platform

Almost all of us, every single person that knuckles to the latest internet trends, is using one social network or other. It’s either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, or some other network. The list goes on!

With individuals spending so much time on the internet, it had somewhere become necessary to set up certain platforms where they could have some fun, meet new people, share their interests, find jobs, and what not! Thus, the Social Networking platforms came into being.

Well, we are aware of the fact that you know what social media is!

However, if you’re one of those people who is fancied by the boundless success of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. we’ll be talking numbers, especially to you!

Do you have an idea of a winning social networking app? Let us know and we will bring it to reality for you. At SoftProdigy, our teams of social media and mobile app development experts have developed and executed some cutting-edge social networking mobile platforms for hundreds of clients.

Need we say more? Let’s have a look at what our top-notch mobile social networking solutions offer:


  1. 1. An Interactive User Feed

If you’re looking forward to launching your own social networking app, the first thing that needs to be taken care of is its interactive user feed.

The user feed of a social networking app is usually its home page. To keep the UI/UX of your social networking platform advanced, we pay a great focus on this area of your social networking platform.

With SoftProdigy’s highly interactive social networking mobile platform, you get a high-quality UI/UX design, a feature-rich and functional user feed with the help of which you can get the updates from the people in your contact, your friends or interests.

The design of our interactive user feed, is inspired by the top social networking platforms and so, we make sure that it’s highly functional and glitch-free.

  1. 2. Post Updates Through Text, Images, Videos, and Location

Another feature of the social networking mobile platform by SoftProdigy is that it allows you to post updates in the form of texts, images, or videos. You can also post location-based updates, so that you can tell your friends where you’re at! These features and options of updates make our social networking platform up-to-date as per the leading platforms of today!

We, at SoftProdigy believe that a social networking platform must have everything for you to have fun and so, we make sure that you can post updates in an amusing and interactive manner.

So, you can tell your peers what you’re up to, with an increased fun quotient of social networking.

  1. 3. Tag Your Friends In Comments And Posts

SoftProdigy is known for its state-of-the-art services provided to the clients. This is because we keep track of everything new happening around in the digital world.

When it comes to designing and developing the best social networking platform for you, you can rest assured that we’ve run our background check.

We keep in line with the latest social networking trends prevailing through the famous social networking websites and mobile platforms. Thus, we induce every basic feature in our own social networking mobile platform.

With our platform, you can easily tag your friends or other users in the comments section of any post or in the posts themselves. So you can share anything and everything with your friends and interests, mentioning their name with a tag, wherever you want to!

  1. 4. Follow/Unfollow And Search Based On Multiple Parameters

To follow, unfollow, or search another user with our social networking platform, you can use a number of parameters, like name, demographics, common interests, trending posts, etc. of people using the same platform.

Thus, looking for someone on the network got handier with our platform!

Also, with just a tap on a button, it is easy to follow someone you want to add in your network and unfollow someone you don’t want in your networks anymore.

All these features come with strict privacy measures taken by us in the development of a social networking mobile platform.
Social Networking Mobile Platform

  1. 5. Integrated Forums, Groups, Surveys or Polls

If you want your social networking app to be integrated with any new or existing forums, we will do that straight away!

Our platform comes with an interactive feature of integration with forums and groups. We also make it handier for the user to conduct a survey or poll within the mobile platform.

Therefore, based on similar interests or expertise, people can join the forums or groups and take part in an interactive communication.

While taking the surveys or polls, you can also decide on what category of people to target, based on a number of parameters for the same.

Thus, making it easier for businesses or individuals to get an effective answer or feedback on anything.

  1. 6. Option To Comment, Like, Or Raise A Flag

With our interactive UI/UX design of the social networking platform, we make sure that the users can engage more with their networks.

Therefore, to communicate on the posts updated by the other users, you can add a comment or hit the like button. Inspired by the leading social networking platforms, we give our best in making these features more interactive as per the requirements of your idea. The users can comment through texts, use emoticons, etc.

In case of a disputed post or something that is not liked by the users, there is also an option of raising a flag.

Thus, by this, the user can alert the authorities that certain content on the network is not in lines with the regulations. The authorities controlling the network can then take the suitable actions to bring such content down from the network.

  1. 7. Privacy Settings

The privacy of your users is what we consider as our main concern. As a manufacturer of your social networking platform, we keep things intact when it comes to the privacy settings.

With social networking being adopted beyond the boundaries of locations, we make sure that the users of our platform can have a complete control over whatever they are sharing with the world.

It is all within the control of the users as to what information they want to share with the world and what information they want to keep to themselves or their close friends.

Thus, the users of the social networking platform developed by SoftProdigy can have their share of networking fun without the fear of their privacy being breached.

  1. 8. Notifications and Alerts

To get an instant update or to get in an instant touch with someone on the social network, there is a provision of notifications and alerts set for our social networking mobile platform.

So, no matter where your users are, they won’t lose touch with their social network. The notifications are customizable and can be switched on and off as per the wish of the user.

All in all, the social networking platform developed by the experts at SoftProdigy is something coherent with the latest social media trends and the features are updated and implemented on the basis of these trends.

The developers at SoftProdigy believe in continuously buffing their skills up when it comes to delivering the cutting-edge solutions to your social networking platform needs. We keep updated and follow the footsteps of the leaders along with our immaculate services.

And this is what makes us the best in the industry! So, if there is a social networking plan popping up in your mind, any idea that you want to execute to allow the world connect in the best possible way, we’re here to give a face to your ideas!

Get in touch with us, to get your start-of-the-art social networking mobile platform within a matter of weeks!