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21st century is the era of monetization of content posted on internet. A lot of users have been monetizing content in the form of Videos on various platforms for a long time. But they don’t get paid for the textual content they create and curate on general discussion platforms. But content creators and curators want to get engaged with discussions related to the businesses that pay them for creating and curating content. They want to monetize their content. Blockchain software development companies are making their wish come true.

Is There Any Such Platform?

“Yes” is the answer to this million dollar question. Steem.IO is the platform for users to monetize their content. Blockchain software development companies are actively working on it. Therefore, not many people in the world know about this Steem based platform.

How It Works:

It works in three ways mentioned below:

1) Users post questions on this platform. The answer that receives the most number of Upvotes and replies earns Steems (Cryptocurrency).
2) The askers add some financial value to their question. In this situation, the best answer chosen by the asker receives the largest share of the financial value set to the question. Rest of the portion goes to other answerers.
3) A question asked by you could be important for some other Steem community members also. So he/she may also declare some additional prize money for the best answer. It means that the answerer gets more money for his answer.

More Development Using Steem Blockchain:

The application of Steem is not limited to helping content creators and curator monetize their content. That’s right! Even businesses are also leveraging its potential for better future. A lot of tools and platforms have already been developed with it.

For Example:

1) Bots – Popular names include Dorabot, SteemiTag, Dtube Community Support.
2) Browser Extensions like Curator Profeed and Steemit Submit a Story etc.
3) E-commerce Tools like Pay With Steem and WooCommerce Steem etc.
4) Wallets like SteemPay and Vessel etc.
5) Steem Messengers
6) Video Platforms like DTube, Dlive, MultiTube and SteemQ etc.
7) Programing Tools like PHP Light RTC, Python Social Auth Library etc.
8) Book Publishing Platforms like DNGO

The list of developments carried using Steem Blockchain is not limited to the list above. It is merely a tip of the whole iceberg.

SoftProdigy’s Contribution in Steem Blockchain Development:

The application of Steem Blockchain is making its presence felt in every industry. SoftProdigy has been contributing significantly to the development everything using Steem Blockchain for a long time. We have successfully developed projects on Blockchain technology using technologies like- Laravel, Python, NodeJS and Docker.

In case you want to get something developed using Steem Blockchain, SoftProdigy is the hand to count on. We provide the best Blockchain development services in India.

Hire Blockchain Experts for The Following:

a) Blockchain Server Setups:

We house a team of experienced Blockchain developers to carry out Blockchain server setups flawlessly. Our experience and technology stack will help you be a part of seed node or witness node and contribute to Steem Blockchain.

b) Bot Development:

We deliver the best Blockchain development services in India. That has helped us develop a number of bots using Steem Blockchain leveraging APIs to carry out three vital processes:

1) Observation of transactions
2) Associate bounties
3) Payouts

c) Integration With Steem APIs.

We have worked with both Steem JS and Python APIs and developed bots and apps on top of the Steem platform.

The Bottom Line:

Do you want to get something developed in Steem Blockchain? Do you want to create your own Blockchain?

Don’t worry! SoftProdigy has got your back!

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