Smart Ways Adopted by the IT World to Survive COVID-19

Change is inevitable, no matter what time or place it is. Nothing can stop it from occurring. Well, that’s what we have learned so far in 2020 after which the world will never be the same as before.

It is evident that COVID-19 has disrupted almost every sphere during its devastating reign. It has brought in some major cultural and economic changes. The pandemic is still ongoing and will continue transforming the world in tectonic ways. But we are confident that the world will find viable solutions like it has done so far. After all, it will be an absolute pity to let this outbreak go to waste. 

As we are getting ready to enter 2021, it’s probably the best time to overview the past and envision where the world of information and technology is heading. So, are you ready? Let’s get into it: 

  • Work From Home

According to a study, around 88% of companies encouraged their employees to work from home in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Companies that asked their employees to work from home are the ones that helped the world counter the Corona Virus crisis. I mean just think about the time for a second when nationwide lockdowns were announced. It was utter chaos. Wasn’t it? Yet remote work imposed the challenge to keep employers and employees functioning while keeping them safe from the spread of the virus. 

Initially, it was not easy to manage information, security, privacy, and timely tech support. But companies managed to overcome that too with time and conscience. In addition to that note, remote work can become a more common and permanent change post-COVID. What do you think?

  • The Digital Transformation 

In 2020, more introverted people went digital. But keeping internal communication clear and transparent in this uncertain year was not easy for companies. As we mentioned above, implementing appropriate technologies was a chore in the beginning stage of the pandemic. However, brands slowly yet firmly managed to become the part of this digital transformation. Today, they are successfully holding online all-staff meetings from the comfort of home, which was not possible to imagine a little while ago.

Managers are seeking feedbacks through online Q&A tools and employees are becoming more active online. More and more people are joining corona virus support groups and live videos are also growing in popularity. It is expected that some will return to previous habits but this digital shift in the IT sector will be permanent post-pandemic.

  • The Boost in Online Shopping 

The devastating outbreak of COVID-19 is imitating as a fortune-teller to help people imagine the future. Online businesses that had managed to grapple with integrated technology have had acted faster.

Also, shoppers are also trying their best to adapt to uncertain times. As more shoppers want to continue avoiding crowded areas, they’re increasingly turning towards e-commerce to get their essential products and services. This is why there is a notable growth in e-commerce amidst the pandemic. However, it is still daunting for online businesses to deal with out-of-stock items and potentially delayed deliveries. 

In addition, changing customer behaviours are making e-commerce evolve into something new. For instance, customers are asking brands to deliver cars directly to their homes. A rush to digital also encouraged customer service too where clients are asking to create tools using artificial intelligence, which can help mitigate huge spikes in calls. 

Final Words

Along with remote working, e-commerce, virtual meeting, on-demand apps, online learning has been increasingly getting popular. People and companies are coming forward with innovative solutions to adapt to this great change. The business to develop custom apps is also booming due to elevated food delivery and meal kits demand. 

As the pandemic continues, pin this article to keep an eye out for technological updates and changes that have managed the world to hit back Corona virus with a great thrust. In the meantime, stay sanitized, stay healthy!