Skills that Make an ASP.NET developer Stand out from the Crowd

The world of tech is always changing, which means that the most in demand .NET skills of yesterday might not be as popular today. .NET developers are among the most sought after, versatile, and talented individuals within the programming arena. However, just like any other market, the .NET world is also quite competitive. 

In this broadening field, there is a range of associated specializations and skills. For someone who is keen to grab the position of a .NET developer in a well-established firm and get paid a handsome salary, then she/he has to fine-tune some of their technical abilities. This way, it gets a lot easier for them to increase earning potential as well as their market demand.

While the field is so dynamic that application development companies notice changes in the field on a regular basis, we can still forecast what specializations will last or develop themselves even further in the near future. Let’s look at some of the latest most important .NET skills that one must be aware of:

1. Knowledge of ASP.NET Framework

ASP.NET development is ruling the web market today and is successfully replacing many other frameworks competing with it. ASP.NET MVC makes it easier for the developers to create robust, feature-rich web applications, and hence speeding up deployment .NET developer must be well-versed with this skill, which makes use of open source web application framework. ASP.NET MVC is being used in the client-side web technologies and easily paired using server-side programming for creating complete software solutions. Not just this but ASP.NET MVC is also useful in doing unit testing. A developer having previously worked in a c# development company can easily step up to the task of .NET development. 

2. Improved SQL Skills

It is a well known fact that data dominates the technological world. SQL skills are one of the most sought after requirements for a job today. It does not matter whether the developer is focused on Microsoft SQL Server or MYSQL, it is necessary to be able to both architect as well as maintain a database as a developer. When the developer is adept at data & data science, he/she can better sort developmental issues arising in the organization and prove to be a good resource for the said organization.

3. Databases

When a developer is adept with SQL, as well as can deal with the systems like Entity Framework, it adds to his/her portfolio. This is a great skills that most employers look for when hiring asp net web application development company. ASP.Net development is especially dependent on databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL. There are a few contemporary apps these days that use different NoSQL databases, such as CouchDB or MongoDB. Such skills add to a developer’s qualifications as a good choice. 

4. Client-side Web Development Technologies

A good developer is well-versed with the process involved in the creation of highly interactive, appealing, and creative web apps.Client-side web development technologies are one of the most important skills that greatly help developers to do a good job. Few of the recent technologies that have been added to this list of client-side web development technologies consist of CSS, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. When the .NET developers are great at these aspects, it gives them a good standing in the world of web development.

5. Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

This is a highly valuable and extremely prestigious program in which the .NET developers work with the Microsoft MVP program. Once a developer successful accomplishes this profile status, she/he is considered to become a strong leader with technical excellence in the .NET framework. The .NET developers who have acquired this skill are deemed eligible to play the role of a mentor.

What skills make a Good ASP.NET Developer?

6. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

The MCSD certification is in great demand in the market. A .NET developer skilled in this is highly valued as its development & maintenance comes from Microsoft and this requires modification after every 2 years.

7. Experience

This is one skill or trend that is never going out of fashion.In order to become highly proficient in .NET, a developer needs to invest a few years into this framework and to understand the handling and processing well. This can only come through experience of having worked on various projects that are based on .NET. A large number of organizations are looking for experienced individuals in this field, and it helps to have a few successful finished projects under your belt. 

8. Communication Skills

This is a highly underrated but extremely important skill for a .NET developer. In most cases, the .NET developers work on application development and manage most of the client side communications. A good set of communication skills will enable the developer to fairly understand the requirements and translate them into the intricate codes to develop desired features. When handling major projects, there is no room for any kind of misunderstandings as they can be detrimental to the entire process. Good communication skills see the developers through and enable them to provide exactly what the employer seeks. 

It is not just the skills but also the experience based practical knowledge that distinguishes a good ASP.NET developer from the rest. In order to stay current and valuable for the industry, a developer must show keen interest in improving skills constantly and learning new skills as they come up.