SharePoint Is Changing Forever at the Microsoft’s Virtual SharePoint Summit 2017 on 16th May

SharePoint is a web-based application. Launched in the year 2001, it integrates with the Microsoft Office. And SharePoint solution providers primarily sell it as a system utilized for storage and management of documents. It is extremely configurable. Its use varies significantly among organizations.

The popularity of SharePoint is increasing by manifolds on daily basis. This is something adding to the importance of online collaboration for businesses. Perhaps, this is why most of the companies are now beginning to seek SharePoint development services. Most of the companies seek development services related to SharePoint main for the following reasons:

  • 1. For Simplified Routine Business Activities to Provide Better Experience to Users
  • 2. Businesses get exactly the tools they need for customizing the branding
  • 3. Significant reduction in the overall expenditure incurred by the consolidation of site.
  • 4. It has/provides a central administration to help manage or control the entire platform
  • 5. Collaboration of the entire team throughout the project is possible
  • 6. SharePoint web development services offer improved/higher level of security and integrity
  • 7. It is a source of getting the maximum knowledge for working with files to increase productivity
  • 8. SharePoint technology does not sit still. Instead, it keeps on evolving with advancements in new web parts, apps as well as the tools for customization.

Talking about the last point mentioned above, it seems to be hundred percent true. As for reason, SharePoint had its own twists, a plenty of changes in its own user interface and new ways and features to help organizations carryout their projects and other business tasks in a whole new way. According to the renowned SharePoint development companies, Microsoft has rapidly increased the pace of changes/innovations and advancements in it. Microsoft’s competition with Google, the largest search engine in the world, is the biggest reasons of it.

It is Now a Very Complicated Technology:

But what makes SharePoint such a complicated technology? It is a very important question. Do you know that there are a number of LinkedIn groups, meetings and conferences in regard to SharePoint every week? If you are a business owner seeking out SharePoint Solutions, it becomes mandatory for you to spend a lot of extra time in your office to be able to learn about changes and advancements introduced/incorporated in it.

And SharePoint is Going to Change Even in 2017:

This is absolutely true. Microsoft is conducting the virtual SharePoint Summit 2017 on 16th May. And the seats are now up for grabs for SharePoint development service providers or even for business seeking relevant solutions. The event is going to be for free. Microsoft, the technology giant, has decided to guide about the “Ways of Creating a Connected Workplace in Microsoft Office 365 Using OneDrive and SharePoint and Integrate it With Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Windows, PowerApps as well as Microsoft’s Flow”.

Microsoft has also released the schedule for the event. The event will specifically feature Mr. Jeff Tepper, Mr. James Phillips and Mr. Chuck Friedman, the Corporate Vice-presidents of Microsoft. Introduction to the latest innovations incorporated in SharePoint by Mr. Jeff Tepper will be the key highlight of the event in the beginning. On the other hand, SharePoint web development service providers and businesses are also advised to pay attention towards Mr. Philips and Mr. Friedman for learning about the Interplay between Microsoft Office 365, Azure and the Windows.

  • 1. The event begins at 10:00 am according to the Pacific Daylight Time and at 7:00 as per the UTC
  • 2. The Summit keynote will be at 10:15 am
  • 3. Sessions dedicated to the technical breakdown and customer showcase will start at 11:00 am
  • 4. Questions and Answers session for SharePoint Development Companies and business with Microsoft’s executives will begin at 12:00 pm in the afternoon.

What is Going to Make SharePoint Even More Powerful and Complicated Technology?

This is the burning question of the day. Every new year/day or even a moment IT has always changed. But now it is going to change like never before. In simple words, every day brings something special and new. This is 2017. Now SharePoint is undergoing a massive transformation. It will no longer be the same for any SharePoint solution provider and seeker. That’s right! There are a plenty of reasons for this. Some are listed below:

Addition of a Hybrid Self-Site Creation Option in SharePoint 2013:

Microsoft has added a hybrid self-site creation option in SharePoint 2013. This is for the organization using SharePoint in their datacenters. This is to help them direct their requests for user website creation to the Microsoft’s Office 365 services. In accordance with Mr. Bill Baer, The Senior Product Marketing Manager for SharePoint at Microsoft, this specific feature will be enabled in the public update release for the month of March 2017 for SharePoint 2013. And it is also ready for use in environments dedicated to production.

Microsoft is Planning to Incorporate a Hybrid Self-Site Creation Option in SharePoint 2016:

The technology giant also plans to introduce a hybrid self-site creation option for SharePoint 2016 in the second half of 2017, says Mr. Baer. In the meantime, SharePoint web development companies can utilize the “Hybrid Sites” capabilities.

Firms and SharePoint development service providers will have to make sure they have the subscription of the Microsoft Office 365 for the purpose of using this hybrid self-site creation option in SharePoint 2016.

What Else?

The party just started as Microsoft has also announced the release of cumulative updates for the following:

  • 1. SharePoint 2010
  • 2. SharePoint 2013
  • 3. SharePoint 2016

Release dedicated to the SharePoint 2016 specifically includes Feature Pack 1 that is capable of adding innovative CAPABILITIES to the SharePoint 2016 based on the innovations incorporated Microsoft’s Office 365.

Final Suggestions:

Taking all this into considerations, Both SharePoint Solution providers and seekers are advised to book their tickets in advance for this summit to learn in detail in this regard. Hurry Up! The seats are up for grabs in free.