SEO and Content Writing Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is a vast sphere, which helps online businesses promote their products and services. While it consists of numerous aspects, we will talk about SEO and content writing services. You might have heard the phrase, “content is the king in online marketing.” So, you can imagine the importance of quality content in gaining an edge among your competitors. 

On the other hand, SEO can help you improve website traffic organically. Do you know Google appreciates websites with organic traffic more than paid ones? It means they have a higher chance of getting rankings on the first page of search engines. Before you hire a digital marketer that offers reliable SEO and content writing services, let us dive into the frequently asked questions. 

  • The top FAQs about SEO and content writing 
    Below is a list of questions about SEO and content writing that we receive from our customers frequently, along with answers:
    • Why does my website need SEO services? – Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the best way to improve your website’s visibility on search engines. The web is loaded with countless websites, and it is almost impossible for Google to see your website if it is not SEO-optimized. 
    • How will you create my SEO strategy? – If you are starting your website SEO for the first time, our professionals will use an SEO tool to run a site audit. With this, they will find and rectify any broken links while checking page loading speed and getting all Meta tags in order. Once it is done, we will get to the keyword research and adding some content. 
    • Can you help my website to rank higher locally? – Our professionals have years of experience in offering local and global SEO services. When it comes to ranking locally, we will write relevant content, use locally searched keywords, and make your site mobile-friendly. 
    • How do I find whether my SEO strategy is working or not? – If you notice an increase in backlinks, organic traffic, pages ranking, and impressions, it means your SEO strategy is working efficiently. Our digital marketers use these tools to check the result of an SEO strategy, such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, MarketingCloudFX, etc. 
    • Why do my competitors rank higher than me on Google? – The reason your competitors rank higher on Google is because they outrank you in their SEO strategies. We can help your website get on the top by posting more relevant content based on your keywords, linking to credible websites, creating a robust site structure, and using other effective SEO strategies.
    • What approach do you use for a project? – Once we receive a query for SEO and content writing services, our professionals will contact you through phone call or Skype. We will gather essential information, like your objectives, target audience, timeline, and desired results. 
    • Do you offer long-term content writing services because my website needs updated content regularly? – Yes, we do sign a long-term contract for content writing and SEO services. We make long-lasting relationships with our clients while offering them the best services. 
    • What if I want to optimize my site content? How will you do it? – We create content with search engine optimization in mind without compromising on readability and value. In addition to this, our content optimization process includes using specific keywords, adding a title and Meta tags, and relevant links. 
    • What do your content writing services cover? – At SoftProdigy, our content writing services cover a range of solutions. These are content marketing services, web content writing, SEO copywriting, press release, social media management, blog and article writing, product review writing, email marketing writing, proofreading, etc. 
    • What will happen if I do not invest in SEO and content writing services? – There are billions of websites on Google, and it is not easy for your potential customers to find you. So, if you do not invest in SEO and content services, your competitors will do. As a result, they will draw all the customers, and you will not make any profit. 
    • How long does it take for my website rankings to improve on Google? – The time for your website to get a higher ranking on search engines will depend on various factors. Usually, older websites with diverse backlink portfolios will rank better than the new ones. 
    • Will my search engine results diminish quickly? – No, your search engine results will not diminish but improve with time. Also, many of our clients have experienced improved ranking after every Google update. 
    • Do you guarantee the first position on search engines? – If any digital marketer claims to get you the top position on search engines, it is a trap. It is because no one can assure the first ranking using organic and white hat SEO methods. 
    • Is SEO a slow process? – Well, you can get the desired results fast, or you may have to wait longer. It depends on the keywords you are targeting and the competition in the market. 
    • Can frequent changes in search engine rankings affect my web traffic? – Since search engine result pages change regularly, they can have an impact on your website rankings. But if you have a broader presence on the internet, you can lessen your site traffic dependency on search engine results pages. 
    • How much do SEO services cost? – Again, our answer is it depends on your project goals and needs. So, there is no pre-fixed price when it comes to SEO services. 
    • Do you offer pre-written content? – No, we have a team of professional writers who write fresh and original content for every post. 
    • Do you charge any monthly fees for SEO? – Once your website is optimized, we will never charge you any monthly fees. One of the primary benefits of investing in SEO is a self-sustainable presence on the web. 
    • Will I get exclusive rights to your website content? – Yes, you can enjoy full power over your website content after making the payment. You can modify it as per your needs and preferences. 
    • Is investing in SEO services better than paid marketing? – Yes, at any time, web traffic through SEO is more appreciated than paid ads. It will help you maintain a long-term ranking on search engines. 

If you are looking for a reliable company that offers SEO and content writing services, get in touch with SoftProdigy. We house a team of experts with years of experience and expertise in the field.