Role of Enterprise Mobility in Optimizing Businesses

The industrial revolution in the new century is the scientific and technological revolution, and breaking through the cutting edge is the shortcut to building an economic giant. Enterprise mobility is a fast moving trend towards a shift in work habits as most of the employees are working in the fields using mobile devices and spreading the information through cloud services to perform their essential business tasks.

The term “Enterprise Mobility” is not constrained only to mobile workers and mobile devices, but also to the mobility of corporate data, it also enhances and improves employee productivity.

If we define Enterprise Mobility in context of business services it a collaborated effort of people, process and technology that put emphasize precisely on managing the mobile devices, wireless networks and other mobile computing gadgets.

Enterprise Mobility is the term broadly used to mean any mobility solution that is launched by an enterprise to increase profits or to reduce costs. In today’s corporate scenario the adoption of mobility is a secret for the corporate strategy for most of the organization.

Enterprise Mobility is playing a vital role for the optimum utilization of the businesses that can be reviewed as:

1. Marketing Channel
According to the market surveys there is a phenomenal growth in the sales of mobile devices and it concludes that mobility will be the major channel for reaching the customers as mobile data provides an instant access to the information at any instant restricting the barriers like time and place.

2. Customer Focused
Most of the firms are focused on projecting themselves as “Customer-Focused” firm. This makes it necessary for the firm to be there for the customers irrespective of the time and place. Quick response as such, instills the need for the firms to go mobile and encourage employees to use mobile and stay in touch with their customers. Now the employees are able to provide better customer service through mobile as customer acquisition is far more expensive than customer retention.

3. Office Productivity
Mobility in the enterprise has an effective growth measures for the employees as well as of the company due to the ease of availability of the imperative data. There are no major hurdles in availability and it offers freedom as a gift, to work from anywhere, that builds up an immense confidence and results in better productivity.

4. Instant Messaging System
“Instant Messaging System” it is the widespread collaboration application that exists in the enterprise environment. The enterprise mobility gives an ease of instant availability of the employee avoiding the constraint of the availability of the employee on their desk and gives the freedom to attend back-to-back meeting and collaboration within internal organizations, as well as with external business partners and customers.

5. Utilization Report
Critical financial information has a huge operational cost and the companies need them in order to analyze and how to optimize their resources to drive high productivity. The companies are curious to know that how the employees spend time at work on the daily and weekly basis that would help the organization to develop the strategic plans for the further effective operational utilization.

Now employees do have the privilege to feed up the data through smart devices and that allows data integrity and a competitive and precise analysis by the managers as it’s easier for them to fetch the accurate and desired data.

6. Private App Store
We can think of the several reasons why enterprise mobility and a private app store (simple and secure to set up) would increase your business productivity.
An enterprise app store is a ‘one-stop shopping experience for corporate sectioned app’, all the apps used within your company can be availed at a single point as well as the native apps that are being developed by your team, internal mobile websites and also public apps existing at public store.

7. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
The concept of enterprise mobility solutions for the enterprises was introduced many years ago and was driven through BYOD which now plays an essential role for optimizing your business.
BYOD will provide ‘Single Point Access’ for all the necessary apps in a single place. The smartphone provides a common platform for multiple levels of work therefore; one need not spend time or energy in viewing various tasks.

8. Cross Functional Team
This concept has a humongous response this makes it necessary for each employee to move across the team, get to know new concepts and also follow up on their previous work. Mobility solutions can help employees stay in touch and also swiftly respond to the different queries. Firms have also made it easier for the employees to share their knowledge through mobile devices that further ensures good knowledge repository.

9. Sales Force Automation
An application that has inherent features for the sales personal to quickly identify the dealers nearby; contact them, use navigation to reach them and also submit a dynamic report almost instantaneously. This is the prominent solution for the problems that employees come across most of the times in terms of mobility. It also enhances the productivity by letting him complete multiple tasks on a single go.

Enterprise Mobility as a whole can be summed up as not only a solution for increasing the productivity of the employees but rather to convert their work and effort into a higher return for the entire firm as that brings more output for the same volume of work.