Revealed- Top 6 Tricks to Boost Online Sales This Season

Festivity excitement is not just in the stores and marketplaces; it is even more applauded in the online sector.

The big brand, marketers, and ecommerce marketplaces are preparing for the upcoming festive season. As the fuel prices have hiked and rupee value is depreciating, the business owners are getting curious about their marketing tactics and sales.

Statistical records reveal- “there are around 40-50% of annual retails during the festive month of Oct-Nov.”

If you are running an online business or E-commerce website, it is time you think of crafting an advertising plan for the festive season.

According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India’s survey titled Indian Online Retail Sales Surge in Festive Season- ‘Indians will spend more than Rs 10,000 crore in online shopping this Diwali.’

But, how to increase your sales? So many questions will be swarmed in your mind? Hiring a Facebook Marketing Specialist will help? Or should one opt for professional SEO services?

Yes, yes- to succeed in the online marketing, you will need to master the digital marketing including social media marketing, search engine optimization and more.

A quick view on what Big Brands say-

Sony India MD Sunil Nayyar, when asked by Economic Times said the company will try to hold prices to boost Diwali sales. “In fact, historically we have noticed whenever the festive period spreads out over two months like this year, consumers tend to spend more since they can pool in two months’ salaries and earnings. Last year, the massive pre-GST sales had wiped off the Diwali sheen. This year, there is a lot of pent-up demand,” he said.

“While challenges of depreciating rupee continue, we expect 10% growth for television during the festival period,” Panasonic India managing director Manish Sharma said. “Uncertainties of cost may pull the growth downwards. However, we still expect growth to be in double digits,” he said.
Gear up for the festive season, boost sales and conquer the market with these top tricks-

Exclusive Landing Page

As the Indian festival is all about decorations and warm wishes, start with decorating your website. Create a festive mode ‘landing page’ which will help you connect with your customers.

Consulting professional SEO services will help you craft a marketing plan that targets customers effectively. Incorporate keywords such as ‘Best Diwali Offers’ or ‘Diwali Deals.’ These professional companies have Google AdWords Expert who makes use of the right techniques to craft a result-oriented marketing campaign.

Target real deals

No, no! Don’t overhype the deals in ads. Keep it real. The most common complaint of an online customer is the sellers overhype the ads. The deals shown in ads are often manipulated and when an individual makes mind to purchase, the actual deal is quite different. Never forget the online customers are educated, well-informed people. If not dealt with properly, you can lose a customer.

Similarly, for Facebook ads, it goes the same way. Also, you can get in touch with a Facebook marketing specialist to know how to post ads and what time would be the best to post an ad.

Co-Branding network

Partnering with coupon sites proves an effective way to enhance sales in festive seasons. These discount offering sites already have viewers looking for festive deals. So, why not grab the opportunity. Also, these websites will boost conversions by driving traffic to your website.

Email marketing

Often overlooked, email marketing is the best way to connect with your customers. Craft effective emails with titles- Best Diwali Deals, offers for you or Prime member offers. This will attract their attention towards your emails and help you to communicate about your deals in a better way.

Content marketing

Above all is ‘content.’ The ads you post online is what your customer will read and reach your website. So, make sure you hire a professional writer for compelling descriptive ads. Follow it with website content optimization. Of course, you will need professional SEO services. They will help you plan a marketing plan.

Target existing customers

Finding new customers and targeting them is important. But, don’t forget the old ones. Your existing customers are your loyal customers. They have already shown interest in your products. So, plan a marketing campaign that focuses specifically on them. Give them special discount offers, introduce membership benefits and more.

As you being with marketing for the festive season, integrate these points and give a boost to your sales.