Retargeting in Google Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Several studies suggest that out of the total website visits, 2-4% lead to conversions.

Most of you must be already worried seeing this stat. You do not have to because there are countless ways to target your potential customers again and acquire more conversions.

Google Ad retargeting seems the best option to achieve your goals. Often, online users forget about your business or brand after the first visit. With retargeting, you have the opportunity to remind them about your products and services if they are still searching.

According to the research by Neilson, on average, users need six site visits before deciding whether to make a purchase or not. It means you have to keep your Google Ad retargeting game on-point.

If you are thinking about searching for a certified Google AdWords expert, it is the best decision. But there are a few things you must know before diving into creating a Google Ad retargeting campaign.

  • What is Google Ad retargeting?

Google Ad retargeting or remarketing is a campaign that works as a display Ad to target qualified customers. But you will reach out to those who have already visited your website. It is an effective way to make your prospective customers aware of your brand. So, make the most of this opportunity.

certified Google AdWords expert

Do you know when it comes to Google Ad retargeting, there is no one-solution-fits-all? It is because enterprises have specific goals and needs, and users must be using various devices to search. Therefore, we have different types of retargeting campaigns. Your Google AdWords expert in India will help you choose the right retargeting campaign based on your needs and preferences.

  • What are the different types of retargeting campaigns?
  • Display Ad campaigns (both standard and advanced)
    • Retargeting search listings Ads
    • Video Retargeting campaign (YouTube)
    • Gmail Ad campaign
    • Remarketing using apps

Now, you know the basics of a Google Ad retargeting campaign. Also, you might have an idea about the most suitable type of remarketing campaign for your business. Below, we will see how to set up a dynamic Google Ad retargeting campaign.

  • A step-by-step guide to set up your Google Ad retargeting

The entire process of setting up a Google Ad retargeting is categorized in two sections:

  1. Creating a retargeting list
  2. Setting a retargeting campaign

Let us look at each in detail. If you are curious to know more, keep reading.

  1. Creating a retargeting list If you want to ensure the success of your Google Ad remarketing, it is essential to create a retargeting list. Here are the steps you must follow.
  1. First of all, you need to log into Google AdWords using your credentials. Once you are on it, click ‘shared library’ that you can see on the left-hand sidebar.
  1. Under ‘shared library,’ you will find the audience manager and click on it. After this, click ‘audience sources.’ At this step, you have to install the tags you want to use for your remarketing campaign.
  1. If you finish installing tags, it is the right time to create a remarketing list. To do so, go to the ‘shared library, and click +remarketing list. Based on your data supply, you need to pick the best option from:
  1. market app users
  2. website visitors
  3. YouTube users
  4. Customer emails

For example, if you want to focus your retargeting campaign on website visitors, here is what it takes to set it up.

A pro tip: Use a specific name for your retargeting list, as it will be easy to identify its purpose.

  1. Setting up a retargeting campaign (website visitors) Please remember, retargeting your website visitors with Google Ads is not an easy win. Before you get started with setting up your remarketing campaign, make sure you install all tags. Here is the ultimate guide to set up a retargeting campaign for your website visitors.
  1. Go to the ‘share library’ and click on the audiences section under it.
  2. You will see a clickable blue ‘+’ button and click it.
  3. There will be a dropdown list from which you have to choose ‘website visitors’.
  4. It is time to name your audience. While Google comes with a default option to include all visitors to the audience, you can get it customized.
  5. Head to the ‘list members’ dropdown and select the option accordingly.

For example, you ran the 5th September campaign, and you want to collect people who visited your website during this period. So, it is ideal to select ‘Visitors of a page during specific dates.’


If you follow these steps, you can easily set up your Google Ad retargeting campaign successfully. Hence, you will be able to reach out to potential customers you missed in the previous marketing attempt. But it is essential to know your remarketing goals and understand your users’ demands and needs. As mentioned already, setting up and running a retargeting campaign is not as easy as it seems, so always hire a Google AdWords expert. If you are looking for a certified Google AdWords expert for remarketing your potential consumers, get in touch with SoftProdigy. With years of experience, we can assure you of top-notch services.