Remote Working: How to Secure Your Video Conference with OTP

COVID-19 pandemic has affected all walks of life throughout the world. This pandemic has affected business activities significantly. Therefore, the demand of experienced Twilio developers is continuously increasing. Businesses in all parts of the world now want to leverage the potential of video conferencing tools and technologies to ensure remote working and carry out essential business meetings virtually.

Before we get to the point, it is important you know a couple of things in this regard. Correct knowledge about it will help you take the right decision from the business perspective. According to the experienced Twilio developers, the list includes but is not limited to the following only:

  • The value video conferencing adds to your business.
  • Video conferencing tools in trend.
  • Video conferencing security practices.
  • Do’s and don’ts of effective video conferencing security
  • How video conferencing can save businesses millions of bucks.

Lets’ now get to know these points in detail and one-by-one:

The value video conferencing adds to your business:

This is something you need to know about. In case you are planning to leverage the business potential of video conferencing in this critical time, given below is the list of advantageous your business will get:

  • Travel time and costs for business activities reduce significantly.
  • Attendance optimisation
  • Structured meetings with better quality of communication.
  • Productivity shoots up.
  • Employee retention rate goes up.
  • Your business gets sustained competitive advantage.
  • The quality of teams’ connection improves.

Video conferencing tools and technologies in trend:

There are many video conferencing tools out there in the market today. All of these video conferencing tools are helping businesses. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • Zoom
  • BlueJeans
  • Citrix GoToMeetings
  • Click Meeting
  • Join.Me
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Ring Central Meetings
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
  • Intermediary AnyMeeting
  • Zoho Meeting

Talking about the technologies in trend for the development of effective video conferencing tools, given below is the list of them:

You just need to figure out your business needs and budget to choose from Twilio, Opentok, Tokbox or Webstc developers to carry out the task for you.

Video conferencing security practices:

This is another key thing you must be familiar with before choosing a platform for video conferencing for your business. Meaning, you need to safeguard your video conferencing meeting using some effective security mediums. Some of the best you can use are as mentioned below:

  • Consider configuring meeting related settings
  • Make sure your team learns the tool fully before using it.
  • Be careful about your screenshots.
  • Only meeting owner should invite new members to the meeting.
  • Don’t share meeting links on public or social media platforms.
  • Set passcode for everyone to enter the meeting.
  • If needed, ensure the presence of a meeting moderator.
  • Choose the tool that exceeds your meeting needs. If needed, get one developed.
  • Consider live/Webrtc video streaming
  • Give priority to encryption or privacy police.
  • Think about the use of OTP (One Time Password) to add authentication to your video conferences.

How video conferencing can save businesses millions of bucks

Coming to the point, this virtual meeting trend could be beneficial for your business in many ways. Some of them have already been discussed above. However, there are some more benefits that you really need to know about. For example:

  • The quality of information sharing improves.
  • Employee engagement rate increases.
  • The efficiency of employees improves as their valuable travel time is saved.

The list could go on and on. The main point is that you need to give it some thought and leverage the potential of video conferencing the secure way.

How to secure your video conferencing OTP:

To code along, you will need the following:

  • Python version 3.6 or later
  • A free Twilio developer account.
  • A web browser compatible with Twilio programmable video JavaScript with SDK.
  • A Verify source.
  • Get video API developed or cloned.
  • Create a .emv file.
  • Start up the application you have and make sure that everything is fine.
  • Navigate to the local host to be able to join the video conference.
  • Add authentication to your video calls with one time passcode/password. For this, you will need to create and Access Control List (ACL) and add .PY to add the required function. The phone number you are adding should be in E164 number. You must think about adding the most required check in for your login function. Finally, add the much needed code after app=flask(_name_). This was the way you could secure your video conferencing using OTP through Flask.

Talking about the same using Twilio Verify, follow the steps below:

  • Add to the code.
  • Make use of functions to send OPT to the phone number of all participants.
  • Add call to start_verification function to the login function to make sure that the code/OTP is correct.
  • Configure Python code again and to start and check the verification.
  • Add new route and function called verify to generate the access token to make sure that the user has successfully verified the OTP.
  • Replace the access “Access Token” lines in your login function with new return statement.
  • Open the templates/index.html to add new templates.
  • Open static/app.js to update your JavaScript code and make it capable of handling the workflow of new verification and also to add the required constants to grab the form and users’ code input.
  • Once the name is submitted by someone, update the code inside “ConnectButtOnHandler”

This is the way you can secure your video conferencing with OTP. But doing so on your own could be a time consuming, difficult and expensive task. You need help from experienced Twilio developers or the developers of other technology that your video conferencing tool idea is based one.

In case you are thinking about leveraging the potential of leveraging the potential of this technology trend for business growth during COVID-19 pandemic situation, SoftProdigy houses the most experienced team of Twilio, Tokbox, Opentok and Webrtc developers.

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