Remarkably Amazing Ways to Improve Ecommerce Checkout Conversions

For any eCommerce website, there’s no metric more important than the checkout process conversion rate. This is what brings you the accrual revenue. Even a slightest change in the conversion rate makes a great difference to the overall real money to your business.

In short, checkout conversion rate is more important than any other thing when it comes to online shopping. It’s also more important for another reason – shopping cart abandonment. Researchers claimed 7 out of 10 people leave their carts even after committing to the process, which results in 68.3% cart abandonment rate for eCommerce stores. The reason may be anything ranging from higher price range or simply the consumer is not in a mood to complete the checkout process.

While there are many ideas you can try to increase eCommerce conversion rate ranging from payment gateway integration to reducing product price, cutting down the cart abandonment rate will definitely have a big impact on your bottom line. Ensuring a one-step checkout process can go a long way towards pushing customers to finish their purchases.

Our experts have come forward with some simple actionable tips you can use to improve conversion rate for your checkout pages.

Start with the cart
The shopping cart is a mighty crucial page. This is the last stage of order placement process, at least what the consumers look. Hence it has to be informative, persuasive, and assuring. At the very least, a good shopping cart should do these 2 things:
• Calculate the entire cost the customer will pay, including delivery charges, discount and tax.
• Reassure the customer that they’ve added the right item to the cart. This can be done through clear description, images, and selected options.

By providing a total cost to be paid on the basket page, it’s likely for the conversion to be increased because the checkout process is not being diluted by those who are seeking the total order cost. With the correct information about the bottom line, checkouts are far more likely to complete their purchase.

Allow guest checkout
So, now that the customer knows about the grand total payable amount and is happy to take the next step of proceeding to checkout button, it’s better you don’t scare them off with a lengthy registration form. This will probably turn them towards your competitors.

Most customers are trying to complete checkout process as quickly and painlessly as possible and unless you are not offering something very special at a very competitive price, they will mostly jump towards your competitors due to your lengthy registration form. Ask your eCommerce shopping cart Development Company to let your consumers complete their purchase without interference. Providing guest checkout or 1-step optional field to enter a password to save the details to view order details later would be a great choice. Account registration becomes a welcomed perk when placed at the end of the checkout.

Progress bar for clarity
Many eCommerce websites lack this visual aid. These progress bars allow visitors to know what information you’re going to ask, providing them a comforting road map to the light at the end of the tunnel. Progress bar helps your visitors where they are now and where they have come from. This helps keep your customers stay calm, fearless, and collected.

Remove Distraction
Try keeping obstacles as less as possible. Enclosed checkout replacing the standard header and footer with a stripped down and navigation-free version can reduce the distractions and maintain the temptation to keep browsing. While customer is at the payment process and simply wants to complete the order placement, let them do it without trying to pile other items into their hands.

Eliminate escape routes, remove links, and eradicate distractions that direct the user anywhere but forward.

Label your forms
Opting a custom ecommerce web development company is a great choice as they can help you put things where you exactly want them to be. Labeling your checkout forms is a great way to let visitors know why they need to fill all those details. After all, online shoppers are a bit scared of sharing their details, so make sure you reassure them during the checkout by explaining why you are asking this information.

For example, when collecting email address, tell them that you need this for emailing the order confirmation. Obtaining telephone numbers is often harder, but if you require it for any reason then let them know that.

Bottom line
Follow the above tips, you’ll not only offer a great checkout experience, but people will want to come back and the conversion rate will be increased too. Ask your friends or colleagues to go through the checkout process and make changes depending upon the feedback. Don’t forget to tell them to behave like a buyer!