React Native VS Ionic: Choose the Best Framework for You

Smartphone users nowadays spend at least three and half hours on using their smartphone every day. But what inspires them to do so? On-demand apps for smartphones and the quality of frameworks used in their development is the simplest answer to this question. 

But what makes apps so compelling?

This is another key question you need to seek an answer to. The main role is played by the quality of frameworks used in the development of on-demand apps. Two frameworks explained below are specifically known for this:

React Native:

It is actually a JavaScript Framework used specifically to write Android and iOS mobile applications that are natively rendering. This framework is based on the following helps developers get to develop custom apps:

  1. JSX (An extension to JavaScript)
  2. ES6 based syntax
  3. State
  4. Props
  5. Ionic

Let’s now see some its key advantageous:

  • Helps develop custom mobile apps using any web technology.
  • Helps mobile app developers enhance his/her skills.
  • The best framework for the development of cross-platform mobile apps.
  • It saves time and money as it helps build mobile apps for multiple platforms.
  • React Native is capable of compiling app components for Native apps in JavaScript.
  • Makes your on-demand apps speedy, agile and responsive to a great extent.
  • Ensures a great native app based user experience for users.
  • Helps publish updates for your app quickly.
  • You can view changes to your app immediately.
  • Offers great performance by apps and increased flexibility.

In case you need a mobile app for your business and you are confused between choosing React Native and Ionic, it is important that you know about the capabilities of Ionic also. This will make decision making easier for you.


What exactly is Ionic? What value it can add to your business? Several such questions must be spinning in your head about Ionic. Well the answer is really simple.

  • It is easy to adopt for a developer familiar with CSS, HTML or JavaScript framework.
  • It is a fantastic framework for those who want to get cross platform apps developed for Android & iOS.
  • Supports Universal Windows Platform to help develop apps for Windows 10.
  • Expertise of Ionic is good for speedy development of on-demand apps.
  • Offers highly customizable themes and components for your app.
  • Components can easily adapt the platform on which your app is currently running.
  • It is built on AngularJS to offer a wide range of functionalities to the developers.
  • Ensures great performance by the on-demand app you get developed using Ionic.
  • Utilizes the potential of Cordova plugins to help design different components.

You just need to figure out your business needs, budget, goals and the kind of functionality in your app. This will help you choose the best possible framework between React Native and Ionic to help get your app ready faster and within your budget.

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