Quick Brick: A Toolset to boost the features of Zapp platform

Each day, technology brings new changes and updates to make our lives better and more convenient. In this post, we will look at the role of Quick Brick in simplifying the OTT video app development.

Over the past few years, the growth of OTT services has been steady. But in recent months, the OTT service operators have witnessed a sudden surge. For example, the number of US household streaming subscriptions has increased by 27%, while the connected TV viewing arose by nearly one billion hours in the first six months of 2020.

Considering this increasing demand of viewers, the media companies started to make strategies to meet their needs and hold onto the market share. Also, the dependency on Javascript development companies grew extensively. Therefore, to scale up video app development, Applicaster, the global technology company, has recently launched a new app development framework called Quick Brick.

As quoted by Jonathan Laor, CEO & Co-founder of Applicaster, “with Quick Brick, now you don’t need a computer science degree to deploy beautiful apps like Netflix or Hulu.”

This new app development framework is available within Zapp, a Saas app development platform. It focuses on making the development, delivery, and management of OTT video applications more accessible than ever. As per the company, Quick Brick turbocharges the video app development by reducing the development and maintenance costs, increasing post-launch agility, and allowing media companies to reduce market time. As a result, the return on investment also accelerates.

Apart from this, it also provides the Zapp platform with several new capabilities. We will explain them below:

  • Streamlined UI design tools

The new design toolkit in the Zapp Studio enables developers to directly control numerous design attributes, which significantly reduces the time to build attractive, bespoke video apps. In addition to this, developers don’t have to write any code, which is further easing their workload.

  • Enhanced toolkit for developers

On the other hand, remote JavaScript developers can use an enhanced developer toolkit to create bespoke user interfaces, which scale across various platforms like TV and mobile. Moreover, app features that use Zapp’s pluggable architecture can be developed easily, and the same will be deployed on multiple platforms. This not only shrinks the development costs but also makes the process less complicated. Let’s take an example to make it simpler. Features like UI login plug-ins now require a single JavaScript developer to support multiple platforms.

  • Accelerated post-launch activity

When it comes to the Zapp platform, it was specially created so that media companies can quickly launch great videos and make the best of their development resources. However, with the introduction of the new Quick Brick framework, the media companies can take complete control of their app. Also, they can make adjustments or redesign their OTT video apps without any need to submit them to app stores.

Unlike traditional video app development, the Zapp platform comes with a proprietary framework that helps in enhancing React Native UI and UX, and critical functionality of the native app. This significantly reduces time to market and accelerates post-launch iterations.

You can leverage all the new capabilities provided by Quick Brick immediately after your Zapp platform subscription. If you’re looking for a reliable Javascript development company that creates video applications using the Zapp platform, get in touch with our professionals at SoftProdigy.