Provide Free Promotional Gifts at Your Magento Store

E-Commerce businesses keep coming up with novel methods to keep the customers hooked. Free gifts is an excellent motivator that helps increase sales. The concept of FREE Promotional gift in Magento is catching up and various businesses are trying to benefit from it. Not only does this concept promote increased purchase at the store, but also it can be intelligently used to market lesser popular products or increase the purchase limit of customers. When used effectively, this can help a store gain ground in its territory and increase sales.

SoftProdigy’s new extension allows store owners to add free gifts with every order for their customers. The extension provides an option to add free gift when a user adds products to cart. The feature which enables a user to add promotional gifts to cart can be controlled and regulated by the store owner effectively. The store owners can define the products that can be added as free gifts. A minimum order price limit can be decided which if crossed by the user, makes him entitled to a free gift. The nature of gift, its price, and other details can also be controlled by the seller. Additionally, the extension allows store owners to add configurable products as promotional products.

The key features of the extension include:

  • The Extension Allows Store Owners To Set Minimum Price Of The Order
  • Store Owners Can Set the Promotional Gifts That Can Be Given Along With the Purchase

These two features ensure that the user has the flexibility to use this extension to their advantage in the best possible way.