OnDemand Delivery Platform

Starting off a business and striving for its success are two whole different stories!
If you doubt this statement even a little bit, allow me to explain. Let’s imagine that you’re a fruit seller who is in business for 2 years now. To begin with your business, what did you supposedly do? You must have made a business plan, searched for a suitable location, contacted the farmers or suppliers, and managed the transportation of the fruits to your store. And then, your business kicked off!Is that all? Does the work of a business owner stop here? Of course not!There is a lot more that comes along in the day-to-day business chores. That includes treating the customers rightly, getting your business advertised, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products, adapting the newer technologies, embracing the changes within the market, and what not!

So, it’s a whole new story! Isn’t it?

The Changing Game of Retail Business

To expand the business there is always a need to keep moving forward. Adapting to the newer technologies and embracing the changes are the two most important things that keep pushing your business forward.

A lot of technological advancements are changing the world of retail business. To name one – Web-based platforms for the delivery of products.

The grocery store owners, vegetable and fruit stores, farmer’s markets, dry cleaners, restaurants, and many other retail businesses have been engaged in the home delivery of their products or services to the customers.

The home delivery of products is in a great demand by the consumers and so, more and more businesses have embraced this advancement with open arms.

However, to enable the fastest and hassle-free delivery of products, there is a need for a smooth web platform. And we, at SoftProdigy not only recognized this need but have worked upon it to come with a matchless delivery platform – OnDemand!

With a number of great features, availability for multiple platforms, and the incorporation of the latest technology, OnDemand Delivery Platform comes up as a one-stop delivery solution for the business owners and their customers.

The platform comes with numerous advanced features. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. 1. Mobile apps for both Consumers and Delivery Boys

The OnDemand delivery platform by SoftProdigy is available in the form of a competent mobile app. With an expertise in the mobile app development, our experts have delivered their best work in the creation of this feature-rich app with a great number of modules.

The modules are incorporated accordingly for different versions of the app, one for the customers and the other for the delivery boys.

From the end of the consumers, the app is used for placing the order, viewing order history, making payments, tracking the order, etc. On the other hand, the delivery person can receive orders, get the location access of the user, get the contact details of the user, and can view the order history from his end.

This way, both the parties involved in the process of delivery can make a convenient use of the app.

  1. 2. Admin interface to manage users, orders and handle reports

With an advanced admin interface, you can manage the everyday delivery operations of your business with our robust backend admin tools and features. You can have a quick access to the users, their data, and the orders placed by them.

With an efficient suite of tools, you can efficiently manage all the information and orders with a highly-quality admin interface.

From the backend, you can also update the prices of products, offers, discounts, packing, location routing, communication between the consumer and the delivery person, billing, marketing, and what not!

Thus, with OnDemand, you can get a whole package to handle your home delivery service with a great convenience and efficiency!

  1. 3. Low costs by selecting the nearest delivery boy

OnDemand lets your consumers select their nearest delivery boy through the smart GPS technology implemented within the platform.

This way, your delivery boy need not start off from a farther point to reach your consumers to deliver the products. Rather, they can deliver your products or services in the area where they already are!

This works extremely well if you’re delivering transport services like cab service.

With the selection of the nearest delivery person, or driver, the consumers can have a fast access to your product or service. On one hand, as this feature saves a lot of the time of both the parties, it also saves a lot of cost on the end of the businessman.

So, with OnDemand, you get to deliver your expert services at the doorstep of your customers, that too with lesser costs! How amazing is that?

  1. 4. Multiple payment options

OnDemand takes care of the satisfaction of your customers. Thus, we make sure that you aim for a better business repute through your hassle-free delivery services.

With OnDemand, we achieve this for you by keeping in mind the comfort of your customers using the platform. This is why, we have incorporated multiple payment gateways within the platform so that your customers can make the payments as per their convenience.

The payment options include Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card, and the other e-Wallet services. We can customize this option as per the demand of your business and consumers.

Thus, the convenience of payment comes in handy with OnDemand! OnDemand Delivery Mobile App Platform

  1. 5. Configurable pricing

Through an interactive and feature-rich admin panel, you can configure the pricing of the products with a greater ease.

With OnDemand, while adding the products on the platform, you can easily configure the pricing of the products based on the category of product, color, size, stock availability, discount, etc.

OnDemand, thus, saves you from the hassle of keeping exhaustive records of the product type, category, pricing, etc. It’s very convenient to fix and change the prices of the products as per the availability and demand!

  1. 6. Ability to request items from specific vendors

Turning down the orders from the customers is never an option for a competent business. There is a great variety of consumers present out there who are looking for different things to satisfy different needs.

Now, different customers demand different brands or vendors for different products. For instance, if the customers are looking for shoes, some might look for Nike, some for Adidas and some might look for the low-priced ones.

So, an ideal business ethic is to provide your customers with what they demand! This ethic has been kept in vision by our experts while developing the OnDemand platform.

And so, with this platform, your customers can have an option to ask for a specific vendor and products. This way, you can broaden the horizons of your business and make your customers happy and satisfied.

  1. 7. Schedule future requests

Pre-ordering comes in handy with the OnDemand delivery platform. Your customers can easily schedule their orders in advance to get the products delivered in time.

For instance, if you deal in delivering flowers and someone has to get flowers delivered from your flower shop, on a particular day and time, they can get it done with an option to schedule the future requests. The orders are received and saved and the delivery can be made on the pre-described time.

  1. 8. Real-time communication between consumers and delivery boys

With OnDemand platform, your consumers can also get an option to have a live chat or real-time communication with the delivery person. The contact details of both the parties are shared with each other through the platform.

The customers can make a phone call or leave a text message to the delivery person to enquire about the order status, the location of the delivery boy, etc.

Also, as the delivery boy is on his way, he can communicate with the consumer to ask about their exact location, and order details.

This feature allows a smooth delivery of products and any doubts or queries can be easily answered between both the parties.

  1. 9. Optimized for slow or indeterminate connections

While travelling, the delivery boy or driver might face network or connection issues. Which is not a problem with OnDemand!

In our competent platform, we have injected the advanced technology with features that can work efficiently even with a bad internet connection.

The features like order history, order details, billing information, and GPS are optimized to work smoothly even in the slow or intermediate connections.

  1. 10. Live tracking on Google Maps

The delivery boy follows the map location of the consumer and it is all managed through Google Maps in OnDemand.

The credibility and advancement of Google Maps have been completely utilized in our delivery platform. Not only does this feature helps the delivery boy reach the right address, but it also helps the consumers, track their orders live!

With the Google Maps, the consumers can see the location of the delivery person who is bringing their order. This keeps the consumers informed about their order status.

Long story short, OnDemand Delivery Platform is your one-stop-solution towards business growth, customer satisfaction, and business advancement.

With this feature-rich platform, you can reach your customers in an effective and convenient manner. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for an online delivery platform for your business, we’re here for you!

Leave us a message or give us a call! We’ll surely get back to you!