Now Is The Right Time To Migrate Web Applications From XHTML To HTML5

For those who don’t know much about the website migration services commonly get confused before adopting a new web development technology. XHTML, & HTML5 do sound the same but the fact is they have some major differences.

You should understand that they are different technologies with different capabilities. Both of them are markup languages created for the web used to provide startup solutions.

Let’s have a look at some basic differences between XHTML and HTML5:

1) HTML is a part of the XML markup language family that mirror or extend versions of the widely used HTML.
2) HTML5 is the new version of HTML with added features. It was released in 2014.
3) HTML5 is the latest HTML standard with a strong support for Web 2.0
4) HTML5 can be used to display not just text but all kinds of media (videos, audios, etc.).
5) HTML5 provides great Form related options.
6) HTML deals with the structure of the markup, it can be used for creating, structuring, and encoding documents.

It is the perfect time to take the best decision and migrate your website or apps from XHTML to HTML5. You can take assistance from the best application migration services to do this job.

You should know that HTML is the language used to create web pages while XHTML is the next step. It is a cleaner and a stricter version of HTML. When HTML documents are written, dedicated web developers have to pay close attention to follow the rules correctly.

Let’s take a look at some examples of XHTML rules:

1) All tags and attributes should be written in lower cases.
2) All the documents must have a DOCTYPE declaration.
3) All the tags must be nested properly.
4) All the attribute values must be quoted.

With the way these rules were brought up on the internet, the XHTML coders like them. They also like clean code and want to keep everything nice and neat on their projects.

Dedicated web developers used to work in their own ways and quite comfortably!

But in 2014, HTML5 came along and people started to shift towards it but developers felt no requirement for a change in their structured lifestyle. But in 2018, people aren’t just talking about HTML5, they’re migrating their websites to it.

Almost every modern browser supports most of the features, 2018 seems like the right year to embrace it.

Let’s take some baby steps from XHTML to HTML5. We’re ready. Are you?

1) HTML5 is simpler than XHTML
2) In HTML5, the Trailing Slash is optional.
3) HTML5 provides a quicker code review.
4) You don’t have to place quotation marks around attribute values in HTML5 if there are no spaces.
5) HTML5 provides new elements for better structure, drawing, better form handling, and for media content.
6) HTML5 provides an improved standard for showing videos as they’re used by most of the modern websites.
7) HTML5 is backwards-compatible, it can conform to both HTML4 and XHTML coding styles. It’s a big relief for the web developers as they can still keep their code clean and organized.
8) The new elements of HTML5 can make your web pages more semantic. It makes it a lot easier for screen readers and search engines to navigate through your web pages.
9) HTML5 enables you to do new things like draw graphics on the screen.

With endless benefits and new features, website migration services provide ample opportunities for you.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of migrating to HTML5:

1) Cost-effective multi-platform development.
2) Good page ranking (SEO) and better position in the SERPs.
3) Offline browsing
4) Consistency across multiple browsers
5) Better mobile access to Business Intelligence
6) Extension of a video to a wider range of platforms
7) Geolocation
8) A wider range of design and presentation tools across media types – The best user experience.

HTML5 developers in India can use the greater scope to produce and deliver better websites and web applications. This is vital for every businessman, as user engagement is the key to an increased site and system use and conversion.

Migrating to an accessible and usable web technology means that users will be more likely to engage. Website and application migration services can provide you the elixir of a better online presence and enhanced business performance.

HTML5 website migration services represent numerous opportunities for businesses who deploy their services with online content and web applications. Overall, by switching your website to this new web technology, you can optimize your user’s web experience.

Now, provide a solid foundation for your digital marketing strategy and significantly reduce your cross-platform development and support costs. Hire dedicated web developers to increase your reach and an optimized web experience.

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