New Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheets for Business Growth in 2018

Social media is the spine businesses need to survive and grow on digital front. But social media marketing consultants call business promotion on social media platforms a challenge in itself. There are three huge reasons of it:

1) All popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have their own set of guidelines. All businesses have to adhere to their guidelines for posting content for business to achieve business goals.

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2) The guidelines of all these social media platforms change from time to time.

3) All these social media platforms accept content for business promotion in different form. For example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and Twitter approve textual as well as video advertisements whereas YouTube accepts only videos and Pinterest is only for posting Infographic or charts etc. Therefore all social media marketing consultants have to work out a strategy and prepare business advertisements accordingly.

4) Moreover, all these social media platforms keep on incorporating technological innovations from time to time.

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So What to Do for Business Promotion on Social Media Platforms?All this leaves a plenty of questions in the mind of business owners making efforts for taking their business global through social media platforms. They will need to know and understand a couple of useful social media cheat sheets to leverage the potential social media platforms offer for business promotion.

We are not going to talk about usual social guidelines of social media platforms. For example: profile image size, text length of business ads, or acceptable image types etc. That’s right! As for reason, internet is already home to unlimited articles talking about all this age old thing in one way or another.

Therefore, we are now going to focus on some new social media marketing cheat sheets you don’t know about. Not much information is available in this regard on internet.

New Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheets for Business Growth in 2018:

Business marketing trends on social media platforms are changing rapidly. The whole credit goes to the inception artificial intelligence, live audio/video, and chatbots etc. All of the best social media marketing companies in the world are embracing these technologically advanced changes to bring businesses betters results on business marketing front.

Let’s now take a look at all of these new social media marketing cheat sheets below:

Videos Ads:

21st century is the era of social media marketing through video ads. Videos are turning out to be the best medium of business growth via advertisement on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter etc.

Facts Prove It:

1) All of the popular social media platforms in the world witness their users spending more than 500 million hours on watching video ads every day. This number is expected to cross the milestone of 17, 000 hours a day by 2021, says .

2) More than 250 million social media users spend time on watching videos on their smartphones.

3) Videos convert more than 60% visitors into sales.

4) Social media videos generate 1200% more revenue as compared to the other forms of social media advertisements.

Live Videos:

Live videos are another form of business marketing on social media websites. This is why the best social media marketing companies in the world now keep specific room for live videos in their social media marketing strategy.

That’s right! Live videos are proving to be a good business marketing medium for many reasons.

1) Live videos let users engage with your brand and business events such as product launch etc. They can see the product from the comfort of their home and decide whether they need it or not. More importantly, live videos increase customer retention rate up to 70%.

2) More than 90% live video viewers watching the video on mobile invite their contacts too. In this way, the chances of organic lead generation multiply.

3) Social media users spend more time on live videos as compared to watching normal videos.

4) Live videos cement brands’ online reputation significantly.

This is why all of the companies providing social media marketing services in India offer the option of marketing on social media websites through live video.

Embrace 360 Degree AR/VR Videos:

Business marketing mediums through social media marketing have changed drastically. Now users want brands to embrace 360 degree AR/VR based videos. Thanks to Facebook and Google! Facebook and Google have really changed the game of business marketing on social media platforms.

The concept of videos and live videos was not enough for them. This is why both the companies shifted their focus on introducing AR/VR based videos. These videos allow your customers to watch your marketing event or products 360 degree from their desktop, laptop, or mobile phones.

People can see the product and your live marketing event from every angle. It helps them develop better opinion about your business, services, and products. You just need to make videos with HD Camera that supports 360 degree videos.

Incorporate Chatbots in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2018:

Now with another technological advancement changing the game of business marketing on social media platforms. Users don’t want to stop chatting for purchasing the services or products they need. That’s right!

This is where chatbots are turning out to be the social media cheat sheet businesses need to master for growth in 2018.

Facebook has introduced the concept of chatbots in its messenger. This is because they utilize the users’ social media behavior for revenue generation.

This is why all companies providing social media marketing services in India advice business owners to incorporate a plan for using Facebook messenger chatbots in their social media marketing strategy.

User don’t have to do anything special to use chatbots in their FB messenger. Instead, they find it easy and like it very much. They just have to like your business page and search for your chat bot in their FB messenger and initiate the conversation.

These chatbots are smart and intuitive to answer most of your queries right in the messenger and eliminate the requirement of calling the customer care and waiting for ages to seek answers to your queries.

Some of the famous companies using Chatbots for social media marketing are Uber, Ola, CureJoy, Harley Davidson, Adidas, and ESPN TV Network etc.

Chatbots are one the main reasons why customer base and customer retention rate of these companies is increasing every day. Their customers get answers to most of their queries from the comfort of their home and they don’t have to wait for ages.

Final Words:

Facebook, Google, and YouTube are very fast changing the game of social media marketing for business growth. They are no longer for family collaboration only. Therefore, these are some entire new social media marketing cheat sheets you need to master for business growth in 2018.

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