New Place, New Hopes – We’re Happily Settling in New York

New York is considered as the hub of technology. The state of New York has evolved as a technology and entrepreneurial hub of the western land over the last few years. The outcome is the result of a perfect combination of planning, promising infrastructure and incredible culture that the state offers. All combined together have provided a unique environment for technology to blossom.

Talking about the recent stats, in the first half of the year 2014, New York generated a sum of around $1.8 Billion of Venture Capital Investment. Digital Media, Software Development, and Game Design industries have enjoyed a major share of this figure. It’s true that some promising start-ups create wonders in no-time and contribute towards the state’s growth.

New York has always been special to all of us at SoftProdigy. It has brought us numerous opportunities, immense learning, wonderful projects to work on and some really brilliant minds we have totally loved working with! It wouldn’t be wrong to say – we are smitten by NY.

We are proud to announce that we are New Yorkers now!

A brand new setup in Hicksville has been started recently. With this, we are hopeful of fostering stronger work relations with the state. Hoping that we produce great work that finds worth with the community all over the world.

We will be still roping high on our decade old, untiring passion for creating great designs and products for the internet and the mobile industry.

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