Moving Away From Silverlight and Saying Hi To AngularJS

It is quite the high time to say goodbye to the best of technologies for web development that we have been working with for a long time! And it is none other than “Silverlight”.

Being a part of the community of the developers, we have always enjoyed developing our apps with Silverlight, with data binding being one major part of the course. With a simple to understand concept that had made the way of coding easy and provides a separated view and a clean view model, Silverlight is a thing of previous time.

Now, the next big thing, which Microsoft was really quick to adopt is AngularJS and as the technology is making way for advancements there also arises a need to make the switch as well. Migrate a website, which is necessary at the time a new technology “AngularJS” is in the market, which is catching the heat of popularity pretty well. Developers are pretty fast to adopt Angular because of the vast features it offers.

1) Angular is an open-source web application development framework, maintained by google and a wide community of developers.
2) Addresses many of the issues faced during development of single-page applications.
3) It offers expanded features like routing, dependency injection, animations, and more.
4) Supported by Visual Studio .Net IDE and also by IntelliJ IDE.
5) Same things can be done by a number of different ways, further providing particular tasks and development styles.
6) The page DOM is directly modified instead of addition of inner HTML code, which is way faster.
7) Dependencies are handled efficiently by Angular.
8) Massively Parallel development is made possible by Angular.
9) Developers are provided with more control.

Angular is also preferred over Silverlight, since modernizing leads is the way towards change. Silverlight already started to lose its market when it became native XAML technology and also came to open source web. Silverlight had its own shortcomings, in terms of security, performance, stability, and also its reach.

Businesses already prefer to migrate website to new host, while they hire AngularJS developer to migrate website from Sunlight to Angular.

Also, website migration services are offered by the best developers to make it available as an open source solution, which offers a broader option across various browsers and platforms as it is supported by a whole range of browsers.

That is why businesses are migrating to Angular rather than updating their existing Silverlight websites as it comes with lower cost. It also offers a long term value, so the best option for all the enterprises out there is to go with website migration services.

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From the new development options to the touch integration, migration from Silverlight to AngularJS comes with a lot of benefits, providing solutions to many of the constraints.

1) Offering way smarter forms
2) Operations in thread-like form
3) APIs that support geolocation
4) Providing a Client-side database
5) Embedding video and audio
6) Application cache provided offline
7) A more responsive design outlook
8) A greater focus on web app needs

Angular comes as the best alternative to achieve the same functionalities as they are in Silverlight. With Angular we are provided with two-way binding supports and the same two way binding support also enables the design pattern MVVM.

MVVM pattern provides us with 3 portions:

# View
# View Model
# Model

The synchronous components also support the one way or the two-way binding which can be created by using directives from Angular.

The event actions and the properties of the components, which are also possible to be bound with Angular elements – using the Angular view.

There are particularly many differences between Silverlight and Angular, which make Angular a better option to opt when it comes to having our web applications developed.

Angular is loved very much by the community of AngularJS developers whom a business always prefers to hire for website migration services because of many reasons:

1) Data Binding – Angular makes two-way data binding very easy as I discussed earlier. It is an important feature while working on display of real-time data such as consumption graphs, etc.
2) Injection and Routing – Easy-to-learn and fairly great to use as required by an MVC framework.
3) Testing – Angular changes the complete development lifecycle. It requires even a different approach for the testing then they came up with Karma.js, which is a testing framework for Angular.
4) MVV – Much of the developers are familiar with this concept design.
5) It is maintained by Google, which makes it easy to be trusted.
6) Perfect for the responsive and dynamic websites, which are in high demand in the present scenario.
7) With the use of directives and building custom components to extend the HTML.
8) Provides a module system for testing and development.

Now that Silverlight is bound to have a slated sunset in 2021, it’s already the time to say it goodbye. Though being a fantastic technology to have a website with, it is now paving the way for the future. Angular is already here, being adopted by many big websites such as:

# The Guardian
# PayPal
# Netflix
# Freelancer
# Upwork
# Lego
# YouTube
# JetBlue
# WikiWand
# MobileRoadie

And the list is never-ending as every day many businesses hire AngularJS developer to migrate a website to new host.

Website migration services are in high demand to keep up with the changing trends. As the technologies change, they have to be accepted in the near future. At SoftProdigy, we offer the best services to provide you the opportunity to migrate your existing website in Silverlight to a new host – AngularJS. Hire our AngularJS developers, today!

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