More than One –Million People Now Trust Oracle Cloud Security Services

Six months after its launch, the new portfolio of Oracle cloud security has reached the one-million-users mark. With names like Levis Strauss & Co, Edgile, Ooyala, Nomis Solutions and Pragmatyxs, Oracle is now the superstar of the identity management space.

The announcement marks a critical turning point in the history of data management and security. It comes at a time succeeding global threats and security threats like WannaCryransomware attacks. These attacks have played a critical role in the increase of security service users around the world.

Oracle’s new portfolio

Oracle has led the security space for at least a decade. Database security and Oracle have been synonymous for years. It is more of a niche contender in the cyber security space. The new Security Operations Center (SOC) portfolio is a combination of four products –

  • 1. Cloud access security broker (CASB)
  • 2. Identity cloud service (ICS)
  • 3. Configuration and Compliance cloud service (CCCS)
  • Security and monitoring analytics cloud service

CASB and ICS are available for all DBAs. The last two parts of the new portfolio are available for select customers at only. The combination of the four factors gives an integrated approach towards monitoring security, analytics, and threat detection. This shows that Oracle can give their remote DBAs exactly what they need in a time plagued by ransomware.

Automating cyber security services

Before the security operations center (SOC) services portfolio came in, cyber security was a highly manual task. The detailed reference architecture for the security control employs security operations inherent to Oracle. The new range of services from Oracle make sure that there is no gap between the demand for security and the protection provided.

All-in-one cyber security and management solution

The new SOC services are a smart move for Oracle to stay in the limelight of all cyber security services. Monitoring user access, extending data governance policies to SaaS hosted data environments and automating hybrid IT environments make Oracle the 360-degree data management, storage and security option most companies hope to achieve.

Oracle hails its new SOC framework the first of its kind in the world. It is entirely accurate since Oracle is the first to adopt a holistic approach in bringing all four of the solutions together under the name of a Security Operations Center or SOC. A unique feature is – they do not need to work in cohesion all the time for the best output. They work individually.

Content aware activity detection

The market is showing a penchant for hybrid cloud security services. With the introduction of the new SOC portfolio, Oracle has made sure to make its presence felt like a strong contender. The new security systems promise an identity-centric, context-aware service that has its roots in machine learning. This will help reduce false positives and identify abnormal actions inside the cloud instantly. It adds a sense of content to the detection technique. This will reduce hacking threats including brute force attacks and DNS server attacks.