MongoDB VS MySQL: Why MongoDB is Preferred Over MySQL

Enterprise applications have been utilizing relational databases for decades as their foundation. MySQL has been a popular inexpensive solution for them since release in 1995. But the time seems to be changing now. Modern-day enterprises are now looking for technologically improved and advanced mediums for data storage and management.

– The list of reasons doesn’t end here only as the demand for custom web applications and faster time to market is increasing.
– They want a solution to manage constantly increasing new and fast-changing data types, structured, semi-structured a lot more types of data generated using new classes of the web, smartphones, social media, IoT and custom web applications.
– Cloud computing and the wholesale shift to completely distributed systems is also one of the reasons.

How to Add a Package to Your Node Instance for Developing a MongoDB Web Services

But where exactly MongoDB exceeds MySQL?

It is important for you to an seek answer to this questions. It is because you could be confused while choosing one of them for the development of your products.

Coming to the point, MySQL is actually an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). This RDBMS is the product developed by Oracle Corporation. It is known for data storage in the form of tables and utilizes the potential of Structured Query Language (SQL) to ensure access to the database.

It could be a great choice for the development of applications reliant on multi-row transactions. Banking applications are the best example of it. It is because banking apps need multiple rows to display transactions and store all relevant data. It is also used for the development of social media networks.

However, according to the MongoDB web development companies, when it comes to the development of the following:

– Content management systems
– Catalogue management
– Personalization engines
– Data analytics platforms

Mongo DB exceeds MySQL. The list given above is merely a tip of the iceberg of MongoDB’s potential. How? Let’s see it below:

– It is very easy to get started with. It is because it is Schema-less. What does it mean? Simple, it allows you to store data in multiple documents. You don’t have to bother about fixing schema for this purpose. But that’s not the case with MySQL. You are first bound to define the schema for your tables. The process doesn’t end here only as you also have to change tables later using Alter command. This is specifically a necessary botheration while adding new columns or tables. This simple process takes ages and lots of effort. On the other hand, according to the MongoDB web development companies, migration to MongoDB ensures hassle-free changes to the data model. It is because you don’t have to deal with rigid Schema that MySQL imposes.
– It is better than MySQL when you expect a really high write load.
– When you need to build a replica set.
– When you want to ensure instant and automatic recovery from node failure.
– Your data is based on location and you need to share it to grow big.
– When you expect your dataset to be big and schema to be unreliable to handle it.
– Lack of DBA is also one of the reasons why MongoDB is considered to be better than MySQL.

Again, all this is merely a tip of the whole iceberg! All this doesn’t describe the actual potential of MongoDB. In simple words, it can do a lot more than everything mentioned here. The real taste lies in eating the putting! In case if you are confused between choosing MongoDB and MySQL, talk to us and we’ll help take the right decision.