Migrate your WordPress Website to a New Host or Server with an Expert

WordPress has grown into an affluent featured Content Management System, providing encompassing opportunities for creating blogs and full-sized websites. It is an in-built interface equipped with numerous themes and tailored opportunities. It has a myriad number of exceptional features under its belt, thus making it a popular CMS on the web. Boost your website’s functionality with WordPress plugin architecture. Moreover, you can run multiple websites within one installation.

WordPress is an ideal blend of cutting edge functionality and ease of use. Starting your own website is a snap with it as you do not require any additional knowledge to manage it. With WordPress, you can even migrate website to a new host or server hassle-free.

While you migrate website,the biggest risk involved is data loss and potential downtime. Therefore, it is best to avail WordPress website migration services to avoid data loss and downtime. The experts can move a WordPress install from one server to another without disrupting its functionality. There are a gamut of reasons to migrate website to new host or server, such as:

  • 1. Better hosting provider in terms of lower prices or faster loading times
  • 2. Moving a site from a subdomain to the main directory
  • 3. Pushing a local WordPress site to a live server

So, contact a reliable WordPress professional to manage your move! The experts migrate website in three stages:

  • 1. Transferring of files – Moving all of the files to a new hosting provider via file transfer protocol (FTP).
  • 2. Moving of database – Exporting the complete WordPress database from your old hosting account, forming a new database, and then importing all the data over to the new hosting account.
  • 3. Reconfiguration – After moving the file and database, the experts reconfigure your WordPress installation so that you can use it on your new host account.

WordPress professionals understand the importance of visitors and search engine rankings for a business. They know how unfavorable downtime can be, thus, they strive to perform a WordPress migration with super-fast turnaround and no downtime. The experts use several WordPress migration tools to deliver the outstanding services. Let’s have a look at these tools:

1. Duplicator- It is a WordPress plugin, enabling you to create a copy of your website, then install it somewhere else. After installing the plugin, you will find a new Duplicator tab on your WordPress dashboard. Use it to make and supervise your duplicates. Its prime features include:

  • 1. It gives you a list of past copies, and allows you to form new duplicates speedily
  • 2. It scans your website both before and after the process to ensure a smooth functioning
  • 3. It makes scheduled backups and uploads them to the cloud through the premium version

Duplicator can keep the migration process easy, and performs its own diagnostics to make sure your website is copied over correctly.

2. All-in-One WP Migration- Its functionality is similar to Duplicator, and spread across three sections within its admin screen, namely Export, Import, and Backups. Exports can form copies of your website, Import manages uploads, and the Backup offers a safety net if the host does not go well with big files. It is very easy to migrate website; just set up this plugin, then use the Import function. Below are some of its characteristics:

  • 1. Allows you to upload your copy via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), dashboard, or Backup option
  • 2. Eliminates several elements from the migration process, like themes and plugins
  • 3. Tested widely across several popular hosting providers

All-in-One WP Migration allows you to manage the complete migration process without leaving your dashboard. It is best for users who do not want to mess around with separate installation scripts, like Duplicator.

3. Valet.io- Earlier, it was known as WP Valet, but now, this company rebranded itself to Valet.io. It is one of the most well-known names in the migration business, providing a gamut of management services, such as premium plugin support, security monitoring, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audits, and many more. Have a look at its prime features:

  • 1. Valet.io can handle WordPress migrations on any scale
  • 2. It can deliver extensive number of secondary services, such as marketing, design, web development, and ‘big-picture’ strategizing.

4. Fantasktic- It is a company working chiefly for WordPress migrations. In some cases, this platform assists to move your non-WordPress website to a self-hosted WordPress setup. Some of its characteristics include:

  • 1. Regular migration usually takes up to 72 hours without any downtime
  • 2. Post-migration support, such as bug fixes
  • 3. Handles migrations from non-WordPress sites to self-hosted WordPress

Fantasktic delivers a complete host of WordPress support services. They are best for users who want to get a website up and running hassle-free.


WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems for all web based projects. According to several statics, it has been observed that this platform covers a huge portion of websites on the internet. It is ideally suited for an extensive number of projects, ranging from a simple blog to a highly functional ecommerce store.

It offers extensive number of features, like website migration to a new host. A WordPress migration is quite similar to moving into a new apartment. Invest in a reputed company providing website migration services to execute all the tasks smoothly. The professionals are experienced and have all the required skills. They can offer you satisfactory services. Their encompassing migration assistance consists of:

  • 1. All-in-One WP Migration: This tool allows you to migrate WordPress sites directly from your dashboard.
  • 2. Duplicator: You can create and redistribute copies of your website, including a diagnostic process.
  • 3. Valet.io: This migration service doubles as a premium solution for all types of WordPress-related services.
  • 4. Fantasktic: This is a simple migration service with a wide array of outstanding features.

In making the website migration to a new host or server seamlessly, the WordPress experts can offer you a new domain name and other reconfiguration to make sure your website runs smoothly on a new URL.

Summary: WordPress is a popular Content Management Systems for all web based projects. It is a combination of great functionality and ease of use. You can even migrate your website to a live server. Hire a reputed company, which can offer all the WordPress related services, like website migration and others.