Metaio – An Augmented Reality Company Acquired by Apple

In recent announcements by the company, Apple has acquired Metaio, a company specializing in several applications related to augmented reality. Metaio mysteriously announced that it will stop selling its services the night before the news relating to the acquisition of the company by Apple was released.

Metaio offers six distinct services related to augmented reality, ranging from an SDK to cloud services to business tools. The company is well established. Many impressive projects have been produced by it using its tools including the one with Ferrari that gives a potential buyer an AR tour of the car. Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple is working on an Augmented Reality feature for a future Maps update, and it is likely that this acquisition will play a role in that.

The company’s technology also opens up the door for virtually trying on clothing and such in stores, and Apple has been working on ways to allow people to virtually try on goods such as the Apple Watch.

Apple has been on the forefront of technology and this latest acquisition by the company only bolsters the belief that it plans to forge ahead in the field of technology by means of augmented reality – which in itself is a major draw for most technologically advanced companies.