Make Way for Microsoft Edge – the New Browser to Replace Internet Explorer

Previously known by its code name, Project Spartan, Microsoft has finally unveiled the successor to its longstanding browser – the internet explorer. Its official name has been disclosed by Microsoft at the company’s build conference as Microsoft Edge. The company also announced that Edge would be the primary default browser built into Windows 10.

While the finer details about what distinguishes Edge from previous browsers and how it is going to make browsing even better for users are still kept under wraps, there are certain points that have been disclosed. The web browser is said to have a built-in Cortana support. In addition to this, it has a built-in reader, note-taking features, and sharing feature. The design has been kept very simple and minimalist in order to provide an ease of use to the user. The rendering engine is called Edge HTML. Full-size screenshots are still not available and the details of the browser have been deduced from the demo screen only.

Edge is the slimmed-down and much faster browser that the company has come up with. The browser has a new logo. But it looks almost identical to the old one, still depicting a swirling lowercase “e” — though the directions of those swirls have been changed and the color is a little darker.