Magento Social Media Plugin Hikes 63% Store Owner’s Productiivity

Magento is a platform that allows customization of an e-commerce store while offering a number of other functionalities.

The Enterprise edition of Magento version is paid. It provides all tools that are required for online e-commerce management. One doesn’t need to be a programmer in order to handle the CMS, a common man can also do so. Absolutely revenue oriented, offering extensive resources for analyzing data and streamlining operations.This marketing feature is easy to use and provides incredible results.

A huge amount of data is required while creating a new account that discourages customers to shop from your store. Thereby, SoftProdigy has come up with a new Social Login extension that declines the complications faced by the user during the signup process. It allows them to login by all social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo on the store. The customer just has to choose the social networking website of his choice and enter his credentials i.e. username and password and he will avail the services. Retail store owners have experienced that signing up rate hikes up to 63%a fter the usage of this extension.

The other benefits include that this extension is compatible with Magento 1.4 and higher and is simple to install. The user-friendly interface helps non-programmers to handle it with ease. Moreover, a new password can also be generated once you have logged in via your respective account.

Signing up without creating a new account helps to grab more customer and eventually hikes the productivity of the store owne upto 63%.