Liferay: An Easy Solution to Customized Web Development Projects

So, you’re planning on creating a new website or portal? No, I didn’t read your mind. It’s only obvious. You’re looking for information on Liferay development and that means you’re considering it as your web development tool.

Well, let me tell you, you’ve made a great choice! The framework has been used by more than 25,000 websites by far and that too quite successfully.

Moving on, let’s get to know Liferay better, so that you can try your luck with this amazing platform, for the best results.

What is Liferay?

Written in Java, Liferay is a robust web development platform that is used to create web apps or websites. The platform is an open-source web development solution for enterprise portals and comes in for free.

Through Liferay development you can create websites and portals with a number of features like CMS, Social Networking, Collaborations, etc. With Liferay, you can create websites that are a combination of themes, gadgets, pages, portlets, etc. In the beginning, Liferay was well recognized as the perfect enterprise portal for corporate intranets and extranets.

However, with regular updates and development in the framework, it is being recognized as one of the best open source web development frameworks just as Microsoft SharePoint or IBM Websphere.

Liferay can turn out to be your best pick for web development if you’re looking for any of the following features from your Liferay development project:

  • 1. Web Publishing, Wikis or Blogs
  • 2. RSS, Message Boards, Instant Messages and Email
  • 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 4. Unification of Media and Documents
  • 5. Tracking the Activity
  • 6. Introducing Categories and Tags
  • 7. Quick Site Development and Creation
  • 8. User-Driven Workflow & Approval
  • 9. Drag-and-Drop Site Maps

And many more!

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Customize Liferay as Per Your Web Development Requirements

Liferay is an efficient open source web development portal. Besides being one of the most competent web development frameworks for web development, the platform has also been specially designed for all the required modifications. So, if you’re a web developer seeking custom web development using Liferay, your life is easy!

Being an open source framework for web application development, Liferay already has its source code available through a community. And the same community has developed the framework in a web development tool through which you can develop and build whatever you wish for. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. 1. Application Display Templates

This is known to be the easiest way to customize the parts of your Liferay Portal. Through the Application Display templates, you can modify how your built-in apps may look during your Liferay development process. So, if you don’t like any of the app’s layout or look, you can create an Application Display template to change their view. Similarly, you can change the way your blogs might look by applying a new template.

  1. 2. Modules

Not only the looks or view of your portal or website, you can also change the UI and performance of your website. That too, without making any changes with the source code of your custom web development project. This is possible with the special software features present in Liferay, called its modules. So, every time you want to make any changes in the interface of your website or change the way it behaves, you can make the changes right from the beginning.

Thus, you get the opportunity to develop your website right from the scratch without actually doing it! So, any changes like adding a feature to the screen, editing the message boards, customizing the sigh-in feature for your website, etc. can easily be made using these modules.

Customizing your website without making the actual changes in the source code is what makes the life of a developer easy and Liferay complies with this!

With all the features offered by Liferay development along with an easy option of modifications, Liferay turns out to be one of the best open source frameworks for web development. The platform is best suited for enterprises as it is well known for the development of intranets and extranets.

However, besides that too, the platform is being considered as a feature-rich web development framework, with a complete community support and easy web development process.

If you’re not a professional web developer and want to use Liferay 7 for your next web development project, you can seek help from the professionals delivering the best web application development services around you.