Leveraging the Power of AdWords: Marketing in the Halloween Season

Halloween season is a time for celebrations – filled with fun activities, costumes, sweets, and creativity. It is the fourth most popular holiday in the US after Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

The trend is catching on in other countries as well and people are beginning to recognize the festival for what it is – a great event for fun, frolic, games, and shopping. But still, a number of brands fail to utilize this incredible opportunity to their advantage. The retailers start their holiday marketing efforts from Thanksgiving period and beyond, and miss out on a lot of great opportunities available during the spooky season.

Halloween is a big deal and Halloween marketing is a massive industry. It is truly a consumer holiday that gives people the opportunity to express themselves, be creative, and get festive. Brands are waking up to the potential that Halloween marketing and are exploring ways in which they can boost sales and engagement in this season.

Halloween is an excellent occasion for businesses to connect with their consumers on an interpersonal level as that is what the holiday signifies. Most businesses are rightly relying on Google and are hiring the best Google AdWords experts to see immediate results in the sales numbers.

Certified Google AdWords specialists believe that in the age of digitization and personalization of products, brands need to grab every opportunity to connect with customers and make a lasting impression in their minds. This is exactly what they set out to achieve for their clients through channelized marketing efforts.

Certified Google AdWords experts are helping business owners to create effective campaigns to achieve better sales or user engagement with the brand. Statistics from over the years are hugely in favour of these campaigns:

  • 148 million U.S. adults are believed to actively participate in Halloween-related activities.
  • 64% of the population celebrated Halloween in 2019 with an average spend of $92 per person. These numbers are sure to go up in 2020 as people are looking for reasons to come out of their confines to celebrate festivities while still maintaining the norms of social distancing.
  • 85% of consumers plan to make their Halloween purchases online.

Marketing through Google AdWords

AdWords is one of the most effective marketing channels for businesses, especially during the festive season. While it might seem complex and potentially expensive, those willing to invest in promotion of products and services always see the benefits of hiring Google AdWords experts. AdWords enables a business to target the people who are searching for and are ready to purchase the exact products or services that they are selling right then.

Often, these people need a little persuasion — they just need to know where to buy it. A certified Google AdWords expert can put a company and its message in front of people who are ready (or very nearly ready) to make a purchase.

For over 20 years, businesses are realizing the value of Google’s advertising system and drawing significant benefits. Google has been putting across the brand and its message to an audience that is ready to make a purchase. Additionally, Google is constantly adding new features and functions in an effort to improve its products.

The most valuable and powerful features of AdWords that any company can leverage to promote their Halloween products or services include:

Using AdWords for Halloween Marketing

1. Call-Only Campaigns

Call-Only ads are much similar to the traditional pay-per-click ads that are seen on Google’s search results pages. The difference between the two is that these ads encourage people to call the business, rather than visit their website. The most amazing thing about these campaigns is that they are immediate and make it very easy for potential customers to reach a business without getting distracted in lengthy processes. These ads get a great conversion rate and help businesses immensely.

2. Gmail Ads

Gmail ads appear within the Promotions tab of Gmail, and target users based on their personal account activity. A Google AdWords specialist is adept at writing subject lines that are sure to attract a large audience and invite clicks. The more the number of clicks, the less a business pays for the ads. Data from previous email marketing campaigns about Halloween can give powerful insights into the kind of content your audience wants to see. Keyword targeting is also done by Google AdWords experts to draw crowds that are interested in products or services that the business is providing.

3. YouTube Ads

Up until 2019, more than 6 billion hours of videos was recorded every month on YouTube. This figure has increased considerably in 2020 with people looking for interesting content on YouTube while being confined to their homes. This makes YouTube a massive opportunity to reach target audience for any business. A business can use YouTube’s TrueView ads to reach the target audience while they view videos on YouTube. With TrueView videos, a business only pays when people view 30 seconds of its video ad (or if they otherwise engage, such as clicking on an overlay, banner, or card). If someone clicks on the “skip ad” button before the video ad finishes, the business does not need to pay. A business can create a spooky yet fun video for Halloween to talk about its product or service.

In order to be truly successful, a company must ensure its presence in places where people are searching for things (Google Search) or are spending a large amount of time (YouTube, Gmail). Targeted marketing on these platforms for Halloween season is an effective way of reaching out to the target audience and making an impression in their minds.

Google AdWords is without a doubt an extremely effective method for setting up marketing campaigns during the Halloween season. AdWords can deliver more traffic from consumers who are more likely to convert or are ready to buy at this very moment.

A large number of businesses and brands have grown through AdWords over the past 20 years, and the trend is sure to continue this year as well. So, it’s a great opportunity to hop on to!