Legal Records Management Solution: The Best Management Solution for Your Legal Documents

When it comes to law firms, lawyers, attorney officials, or agencies, there is a great partaking of documentation and case paperwork. If you work in any of these sectors, you must have witnessed the anguish of collecting, compiling and organizing such documents and papers.

However, with advancements in technology, the electronic means have replaced the physical paperwork. Not only this, the electronic documentation has become much more simplified because of the latest innovations.

The living proof of such innovations is the Legal Records Management Solution developed by SoftProdigy.

With our Legal Records Management Solution, we look after your critical need to file and manage all the legal documents in a well-organized manner.

Organization of you documents is just the beginning. Our software has a lot in store for organizations engaged in filing and documenting the paperwork. Read on to know more about our competent product:

Key Features:

  1. 1. Web-Based Digital Documentation To Avoid The Physical Paperwork

The Legal Records Management Solution by SoftProdigy helps the firms and organizations, dealing with legal documentation, in cutting down the physical document maintenance.

Our web-based solution helps you organize and manage all the legal documents and have a quick access to them. Especially suited for the lawyers, legal firms, and attorneys, the software organizes the documents in such a way so as to help you keep a track of the details like the case number, attorney, plaintiff, etc.

Besides, you can access all of this information through your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

  1. 2. Customizable Solution For Diverse Needs

Our Legal Records Management Solution is a custom solution to your legal documentation needs. No two law firms can work on same lines and so, the similar features and modules of the platform sometimes don’t work uniformly for all the organizations.

When it comes to your working patterns, no one can be more familiar with your needs than you. Therefore, we start with a forthcoming discussion with the clients before the development of a custom software for them.

You can get your legal record management solution with custom features like a unique barcode, customized labels, etc.

Legal Records Management Solution Features

  1. 3. High Security

When it comes to dealing in legal services, you need to be very aware of the security of all the data stored with you. There is a great amount of data with lawyers or attorneys that is highly confidential. To safeguard the privacy of this data, we have come up with a highly secure solution for your legal data management.

With a software like ours, you get to decide who can have the access to the data, who can just see the data, and who has no authority over the data. You can also keep a track of any changes made in the documents.

With predefined safety measures, you can safeguard your legal documents as per your ease and requirement.

  1. 4. Inbuilt Search Options

Our Legal Records Management Solution comes with an inbuilt search option. Therefore, it comes in handy to locate and track the records within the software.

The documents have a complete case order history that can be searched for and accessed, whenever required.

The software also offers a great management of all the records or documents in the forms of archives. With an optimized database, the user can easily search any records and sort them as per the requirement.

So, there is no need to leaf through the whole data to look for one file or document.


  1. 1. E-Filing Of Documents

When it comes to collecting the documents from different sources, our Legal Records Management Solution makes things convenient for you.

The E-Filing module of the software helps people file their documents through electronic means. The E-filing can either be done through emails or a separate e-filing portal.

So, you can simply give your email address that is linked to the portal or you can redirect your clients or applicants directly to the e-filing portal.

In both ways, the filing, handling, and management of the documents, become easy and secure.

  1. 2. Recording Of Documents

Recording of the documents in the public records might be necessary for you if you’re involved in the legal services. It goes with lawyers, attorneys, law firms, etc.

With SoftProdigy’s Legal Records Management Solution, the recording of the legal documents for public records becomes quite easy. So, you can conveniently record the documents like mortgage notices, partnership deeds, records of satisfaction of mortgage, and more.

After the documents of your clients are recorded, you can also send the confirmation number to them, with the help of this software.

  1. 3. Managing the Customers and Agents

For organizations like law firms, it is important to manage the information related to the clients and agents, so as to ensure a smoother workflow.

Any loss of such information might result in a great loss!

However, with our cutting-edge Legal Records Management Solution, you can rest assured that all the information related to your clients or agents is highly secure and managed within one software.

You can keep all the details of your customers like case type, case number, customer number, etc. within this software. The software also allows your customers to sign up with you through an account that can be used for the delivery of further services and for document filing at their end.

  1. 4. Research And Retrieval Of Documents

If you’re offering legal services to your clients, there are chances that they might want you to search and obtain certain legal documents for them.

For such services, our Legal Records Management Solution can be your best pick. The software allows you to find such information or documentation for your clients and send the same to them right away!

You can create the accounts of your clients with the software and send them the required information through h these accounts. Also, during the whole process, you can notify them as to what progress your research and retrieval process has made, with respect to their queries.

  1. 5. Smooth Tax Litigation Filing

When it comes to e-filing for the purpose of income tax, the software lets the users perform the process with a great ease.

The software allows the user to directly upload their XML files on the website of the Income Tax Department. The software also helps the users in Income Tax Computation.

With these exclusive features, the Legal Records Management Solution helps you smoothen the process of filing Tax Litigations. So, you can enjoy a hassle-free e-filing for Income Tax.

With all these up-to-the-minute features and modules, the Legal Records Management Solution by SoftProdigy can be your one stop solution when it comes to managing the legal documents or case paperwork.

So, with a better recording and management of your legal documents, you can rest assured that everything you need is right at your fingertips. You don’t have to go through piles to locate the desired documents, which is a great relief!