Learn How Laravel Plays an Important Role in Cost-Effective Web Development for Start-ups

Developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks. For the developer community, this product serves an all-rounder product. The fact that developers can create their codes and rules makes it a versatile and flexible platform. The advantages of the Laravel framework make it a winning platform for developers.

Laravel is a popular framework used for custom software development. It has a large fanbase among developers from all over the world and a strong community of people who greatly appreciate the robust features of this platform. Business owners prefer to hire dedicated Laravel developers for their projects as the platform offers the right tools that help build websites and web apps faster. Hiring an expert Laravel developer can ensure the development of a stable and easy to maintain app.

Laravel is powering over 20 million websites as of January 2021. Data from Google algorithms say that the best Laravel development companies are being engaged by start-up corporate brands nowadays to build solutions in the best possible manner.

There are plenty of advantages that prompt entrepreneurs and start-up owners to choose Laravel for their projects. Hiring Laravel programmers works out to be very economical as well and, thus, the framework helps companies bring down their development costs in more ways than one. 

Advantages of Laravel Framework for Start-Ups

1. Security

Security is becoming a growing concern for everyone in the corporate sector as the awareness about data and its value spreads. In such circumstances, it is essential to have a framework that is robust and failsafe. Laravel provides a level of flexibility that ensures increased security from online spam and scam. With the help of relevant codes, an expert Laravel developercan create structures to make the web app truly fool-proof. For any young start-up, security is one of the most important concerns where a large sum of the budget is spent. Laravel offers a simple, yet dependable solution for such organizations. 

As a framework, Laravel has various built-in security features that are usually not available with other PHP frameworks.

  • To prevent SQL injections, the Laravel ORM uses PDO;
  • CSRF (Cross-fiscal verification) tokens are meant to block off cross-site request forgery;
  • To prevent cross-site scripting, the syntax automatically takes care of the same;
  • Has superior authentication and authorization feature in the authentication library to prevent unauthorized access.
  • There are built-in features that make it easy to develop login pages. The feature of resetting passwords by users can also be easily created.

2. MVC Architecture

The architecture of an app is very important and can set the app apart right from the start. The Model-view-controller pattern enables developers to develop enhanced architecture. This feature makes Laravel one of the best open PHP frameworks.

Laravel is totally compliant with MVC architecture that directly impacts the following points:

  • Documentation
  • Seamless integration between various functionalities
  • Performance

The MVC design enables the creation of complex web applications with ease. The platform gives an opportunity to the developers to create different user-interfaces and apply different yet relevant business logics. Laravel is built-in with template engine Blade. By using this feature, it is possible to improve a site’s performance by associating PHP code to a view and assembling views for PHP codes.

Advantages of Laravel Framework for Start-Ups

3. Migration of Database

Laravel encourages quick and simple migration of the database. Developers can expand the database structure of any kind of web application, and, there is no need to make any changes in the database in order to do so. Thus, the risk of losing out on critical data is eliminated. 

The database structure can be altered even during runtime. By using Laravel Schema Builder, tables, columns, and indices can be inserted with ease. The fact that the database does not need to be re-created is one of the major benefits of the Laravel framework.

The entire control of the database can be done by writing PHP code, instead of using SQL.

4. Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface of Laravel was first introduced in Laravel 3. It was later modified to include newer features that in turn made working with Laravel fun and simple. Artisan CLI have a number of advantages, like: 

  • Simple syntax
  • Resolution of recurring tasks
  • Saves time that can be utilized in creative tasks
  • Makes web development cost-effective
  • Easy customization of web applications according to specific client requirements. 
  • Provides structured coding format for developers to do their work
  • Makes the work of lengthy programming hassle-free and simplified

5. Strong Community Support

Laravel framework has strong community support. For any star-up, this is a very important requirement. Whether a bug arises, or a security issue, or a coding related issue, the developers do not need to be worried. As soon as they put up a query on the active community, they get prompt reverts and expert advice from fellow developers. This helps start-ups save time and cost that would’ve otherwise been spent in developer fees. 

Laravel framework is able to effectively meet every kind of development challenge and effectively build a superior application. It offers many libraries and tools for app development that are unavailable in case of other frameworks. These tools ensure greater data security and processing speed. The framework is robust and versatile and allows for the creation of extendable, feature-diverse, and browser-independent applications without much effort and money. It allows the development of web applications with many custom features of other frameworks. Thus, the framework can be appreciated by business owners on many levels.