Laravel: A Highly Preferred Framework in No Time

PHP – a widely used programming language for web development, which seemed to disappear five years ago has been saved by its new frameworks.

CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend, and Laravel are the standardized and feature-packed frameworks of PHP. It’s really a daunting task to choose one PHP development framework among these. If you talk about popularity, Laravel is widely adopted as it enables the developers to build high-performing web applications in the minimum time possible.

The aim of this framework is to simplify the development process in such a way that developers find it a pleasing experience while coding without sacrificing application’s functionality. Its amazing features make it easy to master technology for beginners.

Laravel is considered to be substantially better to its peers and perfect for every small or large business. You can hire expert Laravel developer and get your job done. However, it is important to choose the framework that suffices the requirements of a particular business. This young and promising platform offers hassle-free coding and a plethora of benefits that have made it tremendously popular among developers as well as business owners.

Here in this blog post, we are going to share the key features, which are worth mentioning. Continue reading to know more.


There is no application that offers 100% security. But if you compare Laravel to its counterparts then you will find it best of all. With the use of CPRF tokens, it ensures the security and keeps a check on each POST request.  Its secure features lead to its gaining popularity and exponential growth.


Laravel’s Blade Templating Engine is highly intuitive and one of the best reasons for its popularity. The inbuilt lightweight templates offered by this framework help the developers to create amazing layouts with distinctive sections and easily work to seed dynamic content in it. As it works with the typical PHP/HTML so it is much better and easy.


Laravel itself offers a learning tutorial that covers each and every aspect of it. This is achieved by the excellent tool named as Laracast, which gives clear and concise instructions. If you are planning to build your carrier around it then you can take help from the Laracast tutorials prepared by experts and experienced instructors.


The interaction with the framework is essential to create a structured code and perform lengthy programming tasks with ease. This can be done with the command line interface. Laravel’s inbuilt tool Artisan enables command line operations that help in performing redundant programming tasks, which programmers avoid doing manually.

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Ready Made Apps

Laravel is gaining widespread popularity and is receiving a great increase in customer’s demand. Another reason for it is the readymade apps being offered by it. These applications are built with the aim to reduce the effort of the developers and the cost of development as well. You can easily get access to these readymade applications whenever required.

MVC Architecture Support

Improving the performance of the web applications, which are being developed, getting better documentation of each and every step taken, and utilizing multiple built-in functionalities can be achieved in Laravel’s framework. This is possible due to its MVC architecture support. It also ensures a clear view between logic and presentation.

Authorization & Authentication

As most of the things are configured out of the box and in an extraordinary way, authenticating and authorizing in Laravel are easy-to-do tasks. It uses two primary ways: gates and policies to carry out the authorization process. This makes it easy to control access to resources and organize authorization logic as well. HTTP requests are verified before being passed on to the controller.

Libraries & Modular

Do you know what makes Laravel different from other PHP frameworks? It’s the object-oriented libraries as well as many other pre-installed libraries that are only found in Laravel and not in any other popular PHP frameworks. These are easy-to-implement and has many latest features, which allow developers to build responsive, modular, and handy web applications.


It is the most crucial factor to give better user experience for any type of application developed. It can be enhanced with the integration of the caching. Laravel has a unified API for the different caching system.  Memcached and Redis are the best caching back-ends, which are supported by Laravel. These back-ends offer quick extension ability and enhance the development speed in a legitimate way.

Unit testing

Having an option of unit testing improves the speed and performance of the development process. Laravel offers the unit testing, which enables the convenient testing of the application. This testing is done in such a way that it ensures there will be no breakdown in future updates as well. In addition, it also offers the ease of writing unit tests for different codes.

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Final Notes

I hope you have found all the above-mentioned features worth reading and got to know the reasons for the popularity of Laravel as compared to its other counterparts. These amazing features made it the most popular framework on the Entire Internet in Web App category.

Laravel has been releasing its stable versions one by one and working 24*7 to make the classic architecture. So, if you are planning to develop a web application then Laravel will offer you a cost-effective and scalable approach. You can hire Laravel developer India who can develop the outstanding web application for you with the right set of tools and concepts.

If you do have a web app built in Laravel and just want to get the performance improvement, basic authentication, or validation to be done then get in touch with us. We have Laravel experts serving around the globe. It is always advisable to hire expert Laravel developer for long or short-term projects to be initiated from level zero. Contact us and be our happy customer.