Know What Shoots Up Newsletter’s Conversion Rate Like High Blood Pressure

User interface design largely determines the success rate of newsletters you send out. That’s right! Don’t think newsletters are dead because of the rise of social media platforms. Digital marketers still trust newsletters more than social media marketing campaigns to reach out to their targeted audience because newsletters convert more than social media ads. The whole credit goes to the best user interface design of newsletters sent out.

In other words, newsletters still rule the roost!

The Purpose of Newsletters:

This is the first and the most important thing you should know before sending newsletter to your target audience. The purpose of newsletters varies as per the nature of your business industry.

Let’s take a good look at the vital purpose a newsletter serves:

1) Development of on-to-one communication with existing as well as target audience in much more personalized manner than social media messages.

2) E-mail newsletters offer digital marketers an opportunity to build a community. This happens mainly because of UI design of the newsletter you send to your target audience. You get a group of customers that may convert into leads regularly for your business. You could achieve this feat for your company by hiring a company providing the best UI design solutions.

3) Newsletters serve as a medium for your customers to get a news about the discounts you are offering on buying your products or services. In this way, your targeted customers realize that they are important for you.

4) You get a group of customers willing to engage with your brand, products, and services.

Honestly, the number of purpose of sending out a newsletter could be endless. But none of these purposes are fulfilled without the best user interface design of your newsletter.

What Matters The Most To Get Newsletters Convert?

This is a million dollar question that all businessmen want to seek a fitting answer to. They frisk internet for many hours every day to seek answer to this question. Some of them get the right answers whereas some don’t get it.

Coming to the point, we are going to seek answer to this important question. You need to bear some important things in your mind before this.

Let’s take a look at them below:

1) Pay Attention towards the time you send out your newsletter to your target audience. The next one hour will be the key as it determines the open rate of your newsletter. Therefore, decide the time of sending newsletters carefully. Make sure you send newsletters to your readers consistently at the right time you identified. It is essential for you to be a part of their routine.

2) Keep your existing as well as targeted audience in mind. Knowledge about their needs and what they are doing at the time you send them your newsletter is important. This knowledge helps increase the open rate of your newsletters and lead generation opportunities.

3) Knowledge about competition and purpose of sending newsletters to your audience also determines your open rate and the chances of conversion into sale. Therefore, it is important that you know the newsletter send time of your competitors to make sure your send time does not overlap with their send time. More importantly, don’t send them newsletters while they are commenting because they will ignore it at that time. You should also know what exactly you want readers to do with your newsletter.

What Else Should you Know For Creating a Newsletter That Converts?

Just landing your newsletter in the inbox of your targeted audience is not going to help get leads. There are a number of other things you should consider. For Example:

User Interface Design:

1) Make sure that the UI design of your newsletter is device friendly. In simple words, it should react according to the device it is opens on. Keep it simple and easy to skim. Reader don’t have ages to dig their eyes deep in your newsletter and figure out the message you want to convey them. Therefore, ensure the following things in it:

2) Make it mobile friendly. Make sure you take care of their mobile’s screen size too.

3) Use small sentences.

4) Use bullet points.

5) Write small paragraphs instead of encyclopedia.

6) Break content with a plenty of headers.

7) Begin your newsletter with text instead of a photo or video. As for reason, photos or videos do not load immediately as they take time to load. Therefore, placement of photos and videos at bottom of a newsletter is the best you can do to keep your reader engaged.

8) Ask any number of companies providing UI design solutions for newsletters and they will always tell you to test the UI design of your newsletter multiple times in many different types of inboxes. It is because not all inboxes support fancy fonts and design. Therefore, test everything about your newsletters in multiple inboxes and see how they will look like.

Subject Line:

The subject line of your newsletter is one of the elements that make or break the game. Therefore, test them multiple times before using them in your newsletters. MailChimp offers services that allows you to test subject lines on a small sample of your subscribers.


This is the most important part of your newsletter’s design. You need to take this aspect into consideration seriously while testing the most ideal user interface design for your newsletter. Check every single word of your text. Remember to check every aspect of pictures, videos or links you are including in your newsletter.

Make sure they are easy to understand and visible on all screen/device types without causing botheration to readers. Also test the format of your newsletter’s content and make sure it has the right voice, format, and the feel your readers would love.

At Last:

Test, test, and test everything related to the UI design of your newsletter.

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