Know the Best VR and AR Apps for Your Smartphone If You Haven’t Tried Them So Far

Technology is improving at a rapid pace, and one such example of it is the inception of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology. Both of them can be related to the general concept of Mediated Reality, wherein a real view is enhanced or diminished by a computer. AR is an enhanced view of a real-world environment using computer generated sensory inputs, like sound, video, graphics or GPS. VR, on the other hand, replaces the real world elements with a simulated version to create a feeling of a concrete existence without actual existence.

Augmented reality and virtual reality applications are plenty in number, and choosing the apt apps for your smartphone or tablet’s precious memory is challenging. Pokemon Go, Ingress, Layar, Blippar, Aurasma, Google Translate, Mybrana, and Inkhunter are some of the best AR apps for your iOS or Android apps.

  • 1. Pokemon Go has captured everyone’s attention and given a reason to people to explore their neighborhood on foot to find, photograph and collect cute Pokemon from Nintendo’s hit franchise. Players who reach level 5 are encouraged to participate in one of three teams to fight each other’s Pokemon for Pokemon Gyms control.

  • 2. Ingress is another popular augmented reality game in which players fight for control of virtual territories in a huge game of king of the hill.

  • 3. Google Translate, a handy text and audio translation tool gets better with its AR augmented reality real-time visual translation features. Just hold up your smartphone camera and focus on the text to get real-time translations of words and phrases from different languages.

  • 4. Inkhunter is a very helpful AR app for people who want to get a permanent tattoo. It allows you to preview how a tattoo might look like on your skin. Try a bunch of preset designs or simply draw a simple marker on yourself, point your iPhone camera at yourself to get the dynamic preview of the design. It can even rotate and customize the design. So, show off your sense of style by making a right tattoo into your skin.

These are some of top ranked augmented reality apps. Install them in your smartphone, and take the maximum advantages. Now, coming to virtual reality app, it has also maintained a high ranked position. Now, you can enjoy VR apps and games from the comfort of your home and without hurting your pocket. Have a look at the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone:

  • 1. VRSE– This powerful VR app is a bliss for all the documentary-makers. With VRSE, they can make audience feel their movies.

  • 2. Jurassic VR– Live out a Jurassic Park fantasy with Jurassic VR. This app brings you in a virtual world to walk around and explore the landscape inhabited by dinosaurs. It shows the outstanding 3D work in Google Cardboard.

  • 3. Sisters-A virtual horror game for mobile VR has chilling sounds and an environment, which responds and reacts to the objects you are looking at are only the start of this game’s eeriness.

There is no end to AR and VR app. Many mobile developers have designed premium and free applications. As the technology advances and we continue to get faster and faster data speeds, AR and VR will transform the gaming industry and might as well replace the traditional games of the past completely. So, make sure your handset is compatible with the suggested apps, check the details thoroughly, and install the best ones in your smartphones to enjoy the latest technological fad.

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