Know How Magento Makes Content The King of SEO For E-commerce Stores

Online growth of your business largely depends on the quality of your content. Online businesses treat content as the king. But what makes content the king? This is a million dollar question! The answer to this question is very simple in itself. Actually, content management systems make content the king. All certified Magento experts in India want e-commerce business owners to understand this.

How is this Possible?

The success of your content determines the success of your business. The quality of your content management system determines the success of your online content marketing. It is because content management systems act as the spine of online businesses and help plan, organize and publish content strategically and according to the latest trends. This is actually certified Magento experts in India credit CMSs for making content the king of SEO for online growth of businesses.

But the role of CMSs has increased. Their use is no longer limited to only publishing content. A powerful CMs nowadays easily supports w-commerce, mobile apps, website apps, videos, marketing campaigns and many more digital experiences.

There are a plenty of Content Management Systems Available:

That’s right! Let’s take a look at all of them below:

1) Magento
2) Joomla
3) Drupal
4) Typo3
5) Prestashop
6) DotNetNuke
7) Umbraco
8) SharePoint
9) Liferay
10) Django
11) WordPress
12) PHPNuke
13) Sitecore
14) ZenCart

Now arises another very important question!

What makes Magento the best CMS for e-commerce business growth?

Honestly, there are a plenty of reasons for online shop owners to hire Magento developers in India. For example:

1) Magento is actually an open source CMS loaded with a plenty of features to handle your e-commerce store easily. It allows you to manage multiple e-commerce stores just by installing it once. Other CMSs don’t offer such features.
2) Ecommerce business owners can hire Magento developers in India for changing content, content’s and store’s look some function in Magento. This is something not offered by other popular content management systems like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Zencart etc. don’t offer.
3) The count of out-of-the-box features is actually way more than all other popular content management systems.
4) Less compatibility issues, availability of more custom features and options makes Magento the king of content management systems for e-commerce stores.
5) It has its own community of developers and offers solid technical support as compared to other CMSs.
6) Powerful extensions and plugins.
7) Hassle-free customization capabilities are possible because it is an open source CMS.
8) It allows online store owners to setup minimum purchase order amount to bag more leads.
9) Excellent theming engine.
10) Customers can track their shipment because of integration of FedEx, DHL, US and USPS with your online store.
11) Most of the popular brands in the world are using Magento.
12) It offers a wide range of content and store management solutions as compared to other content management solutions.
13) It also offers more add-ons than any other CMs.
14) It offers flexibility, scalability and control to help customize, manage, setup and run online stores easily as compared to other popular content management systems.

The list of features that make Magento the king of content management systems is not limited to the ones’ mentioned above. It could go on and on. But the actual taste lies in eating the pudding. So you should think about Using Magento as the CMS you need for setting-up, managing and growing online business towards growth like never before.

It is now time for you to embrace the latest trend called Magento!

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