Key Differences Between SEO and Content Marketing That Make or Break Businesses

The Content marketing is a game changer. But what exactly is content marketing? For businesses, content marketing is a medium to serve fresh content to their existing and target market for communication about their services, products and brand in the form of text, audio, video, info-graphics and images via blog posts, e-mails, tweets, social media updates etc.

The Impact of Content on Businesses

SEO web copywriting service providers define content marketing as an investment in share market. Carefully planned and executed investment strategy leads your business to the top of financial profit and corporate success. Similarly, carefully and crafted and executed content marketing strategy helps businesses achieve a lot such as:

Better SEO

According to a report published on Kissmetrics, SEO and content marketing are different. And this is why almost 70% businesses fail to get noticed in search engine rankings. Actually, SEO and content marketing are not integrated to each other. However, at crucial stages, both SEO and content marketing do overlap, cohere and blend with each other.

Remember, if as business owner you do not accept this truth, you are breaking the spine of your business. Content Marketing actually helps improve SEO of your business in a great way. This is why professional website copywriting service providers suggest devise a content marketing strategy.

  • How SEO and Content Marketing Differ From Each Other?

This is absolutely right. There are some points that set SEO and Content Marketing apart from each other. To make it easy for you to understand, SEO is very narrow and technical in nature. It involves some of very sensitive and technical tasks mentioned below:

  • 1) Use of latest and local keywords.
  • 2) Improving the experience of users.
  • 3) Development of high quality of links.
  • 4) Maintenance of presence on social media platforms.
  • 5) Optimizing on-page elements.
  • 6) Involves the use of Google Analytics for digging into the technical data.
  • 7) Research of accurate and trending keywords to get your business a plenty of opportunity to grow. It needs the knowledge of search engine algorithms and way search engine crawlers crawl content. As for reason, search engines weigh title-tags, keywords, headers and elements of codes way more than your visitors.

On the other hand, web content writing service providers define content marketing as a task that necessarily involves the use of images, audio, video, text, info-graphics, charts etc. All these are different forms of content.

It has to reach your existing and potential customers to help you increase your business. For this purpose, content marketing needs (Keywords) SEO. One thing that professional SEO content writers have to keep in mind is that the content must be according to requirements/interests of the target audience.

SEO has some formulas and practices you can follow. But when it comes to making content marketing work for your business, there is no guaranteed formula/approach for it. In such a scenario, it becomes important for business to understand their target market and their needs and produce content accordingly.

Actually SEO and Content Marketing Complement Each Other

  • 1) SEO highlights the requirements whereas Content Marketing is medium to get those requirements fulfilled.
  • 2) SEO needs content and content marketing needs SEO
  • 3) SEO requires Keywords whereas Content Marketing uses keywords.
  • 4) SEO needs linkback whereas marketing of content brings linkbacks.
  • 5) SEO needs onsite technical optimization whereas successful marketing of content is subject to UX optimized to perfection.
  • 6) Constant output is the biggest requirements of SEO. Successful marketing of content is subject to consistency.

This is how both SEO and content marketing complement each other.

Therefore, If you are a business owner too, pay attention towards the following essential elements of content marketing to make it work for your business.

  • The Quality of Content Matters

The websites of companies like Sony, Apple INC. Samsung, Forbes etc. focus on serving high quality content to their current and targeted market. This is something that helps them rank high in search engine result pages.

In simple words, they provider users information that is not available in brochures or thousands of other websites on internet. Do you provide simple, exciting, unique, different content to visitors? Do you give really valuable and useful content to visitors to help them spend some more seconds on your website or blog?

As a businessman, you need to ask such questions to yourself and come up with an honest answer. If you answer to the questions is in “No” then you need to hire professional web content writing service providers capable of

  • 1) Researching fresh information and ideas.
  • 2) Researching and incorporating latest keywords.
  • 3) Produce long, exciting, informational and readable pieces of content.

Improved ASO

The role of content marketing in the growth of your business does not end here. Nowadays, there is a new dimension in digital marketing. It is called ASO (App Store Optimization). ASO is very similar to SEO. SEO is for getting the website high in SERPs (Search Engine Raking Pages) whereas ASO (App Store Optimization) is used for getting mobile applications raking high in app store results.

But here too, content marketing plays a very important role to help businesses get their mobile apps rank high in search result of app stores or even get downloaded by the user. Do not know how? Let’ see below:

  • 1) Almost 40% users search for mobile apps in App Stores using keywords.
  • 2) Make use of high quality keywords in app’s description and you will see the app downloads increasing by manifolds.
  • 3) Content marketing helps app description’s title become relevant and concise. This helps 60% users find your app in app stores.
  • 4) Title, description, use of keywords and other meta tags of the application improve your ASO. And experienced SEO web copywriting service providers know it very well. This is why they use latest keywords appropriately and effectively to make your app’s description/title meaningful/compelling. More importantly, they localize it to increase the number of downloads of your app.


    Result oriented VSO

    This is right! VSO (Voice Search Optimization) is a combination of technologies like NLP (Natural Language Processing), TTS (Text-to-Speech) and pre-programmed voice search assistants like Google Now, Siri, Cortana and Alexa.

    Most of the experienced professional website copywriting service provider’s advice business to focus on improving their content marketing efforts because it improves their voice search optimization.

    And Facts Do not Lie!

    1) Remember there are more mobiles than humans on earth.
    2) Almost 30% smartphone users prefers searching for content/businesses using voice search.
    3) Nearly 89% people search for content about businesses and their services on weekly basis using voice search.
    4) Almost 30% on Windows 10 taskbar are voice queries.
    5) Nearly 201% searches on Google are based on voice search.
    6) 1 out of every 5 searches on Google Android apps are based on voice search, says Mr. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google.

    If your business is struggling, optimize your website, mobile app and its content for voice search. Experienced and professional website copywriting service providers can help you in this process. Moreover, their experience in content marketing will also improve your VSO because they know the importance of using long tail keywords. They know the best keyword incorporation practices. And they are also familiar with the best practices of producing informational content which is easy to find and understand and answers their questions in the best possible manner.

    SMM and Yields Results

    A lot of businesses in the world are marketing content on social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube for lead generation. Some businesses successfully generate business because they know content marketing practices to make their social media campaign successful. On the other hand, 30% businesses see their social media campaign failing every year because they do not know the art of marketing content on social media websites

    This is why experienced SEO web copywriting service providers advice you to regularly post exciting content on social media websites for users.

    Business should also focus on using perfectly optimized info-graphics, images and text for content marketing on social media platforms. As far as text posts are concerned, keeping them short, meaningful helps a lot. Do not forget to use images, info-graphics and links to your website in your text posts to help readers land on your website.

    Nowadays, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have started Live Audio/Video feature. And millions of users are liking these features. If you are a business owner striving to market your content to make your social media marketing camping successful, regularly post audio and video related to your services, products, news, brands and events for your current and targeted market.

    Social media websites also offer business pages, advertisement services to business to help them market their content effectively.

    Significant improvement in ORM

    Professional web content writing service providers call Content marketing as a solid medium to help businesses improve their Online Reputation. This is why Companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Forbes, Warner Bros etc. regularly post new content on social media websites for their users. They post in the form of text, videos, audios/podcasts, tweets, images etc. They do so for getting in touch with their current as well as potential customers. As for reason, they know that there are billions of people on social media and they spend at least 20-25 minutes a day on social media websites. Therefore, it is good opportunity to get in touch with them to know them and their issues with the services/products being provided to them. In this way, their social/online reputation also increases. In addition to this, eager people land on their website and become their clients to add to their Return on Investment and Customer Pool.

    Final Thoughts

    There are some differences between SEO and Content Marketing. Knowing these differences is the master key unlock massive corporate success on digital front. Despite some differences, SEO and content marketing complement each other and cannot be separated completely.

    Hopefully, the point is clear! If you are a business owner whose business is struggling noticed on internet, hire a team of professional SEO web copywriting service providers right away to improve your SEO and content marketing campaign/practices. And business will reach its pinnacle in no time.

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