Jetpack Compose: Google’s New Step towards Modifying Open-Source UI Development

The rapid evolution of tablets and smartphones has increased user interaction with businesses through mobile apps.  This, in turn, increases the need of having applications with a simplified user interface (UI) so that each user can easily initiate the interaction with a business.

Now, earlier, it was difficult to design a simple dashboard for mobile apps, have full functionality of the same app that lives on a computer, and infuse it with open source solutions for UI development. Keeping that as aim, Google announced the introduction of Jetpack Compose, a project aimed at simplifying UI development.

What is Jetpack Compose?  

Jetpack compose is a part of Google’s general Android Jetpack. It has been introduced for Kotlin developers who are more likely to use a reactive programming model. So, before we proceed with discussing Google’s new step towards modifying the open-source UI development, let’s further understand what Android Jetpack is.

Android Jetpack is a suite of libraries and tools for Android mobile development. This assists developers when they are writing codes for high-quality applications and allows them to do so with much ease. This suite was designed to:

1. Accelerate Development

Each component of Android Jetpack is easily and individually adaptable. All of these components are built to work together with the aim of making developers more productive. It takes complete advantage of the features provided by the Kotlin language.

2. Eliminate Boilerplate Code

Android Jetpack eliminates the difficulty of carrying out tedious activities like background tasks, navigation, and lifecycle management as it manages all. This allows the developers to focus on making the application great.

3. Build High Quality & Robust Apps

Jetpack is built by taking modern designs into consideration and using backward compatibility. That’s why the components of Android Jetpack enable fewer crashes.

Android Jetpack has been recently updated by Google. This update added a suite of new libraries and tools that ease out the development process of Android applications. These libraries are currently available in alpha or beta stages.

Now that you have got an idea about the Android Jetpack, let’s get back to its other part – the new project Jetpack compose, which is rolled out by Google to modify open source UI development. Here, we have listed the core principles of Jetpack Compose to better understand how it makes the difference. These principles are much related to those of Android Jetpack.

4. Concise and Safe Environment

Jetpack Compose is built to provide benefits like concise and safe development environment. This helps in avoiding an entire class of errors and boilerplate code. Finally, it lets the developers focus on writing the code to build great apps.

5.Declarative in Nature

Jetpack Compose is fully declarative for defining the components of user interface. It allows the developers to simply describe the user interface as a set of functions and the framework will be responsible for handling the UI optimizations and automatic updates to the view hierarchy.

6. Offers Compatibility

Jetpack Compose if fully compatible with the existing views. This allows you to easily mix and match the views at your own pace. You can have direct access to all the Android and Jetpack APIs.

7. Enable Beautiful Apps

Jetpack Compose allows you to create applications with beautiful animations and out of the box design. Jetpack Compose has amazing tools that let the developers do much with less code. Apply changes and live preview are the best tools that help the developers in writing code.

In short, Jetpack Compose can deal with all of the gruesome particulars of UI optimization for the developer. The totally declarative nature of Jetpack compose allows the developers to design the layouts by merely describing what the UI needs to appear like.

Hopefully, we are able to give you a complete view of what Jetpack Compose comprises of. So, if that sounds interesting to you, download it from The developers of best UI design company – SoftProdigy have already started making the best use of it for easing out their development tasks. Get in touch with them if you want to know about their experience with it. They are always happy to guide you well!