iOS 12 Dev Beta 4: Exciting Beta Release for Every Mobile App Developer

The much anticipated OS update from Apple – iOS 12 will be released this fall. Apple is now focusing on performance and quality improvements, along with exciting features like Screen Time, Group Facetime, Emoji, and many more.

With the official release of iOS 12 closer each day, almost every mobile app developer is excited. Apple released the fourth beta of the upcoming mobile software update to developers on July 17th. It is released just a few days before the second public beta and two weeks after unveiling the third developer beta.

Almost every custom iOS app development company saw the fourth iOS 12 developer beta introduce some minor bug fixes and security patches. It also includes some major changes that were immediately noticed such as:

1) Apple Watch contacts no longer fall out of sync.
2) Toggles are now more prominent.
3) Fortnite doesn’t crash during gameplay.
4) A bolder outline for increased accessibility.

On the other hand, this beta comes with its own set of headaches for every mobile app developer and iPhone user. Apple clearly states that iPhone X users may notice an inaccuracy in cell signal bars while running the beta. If you’ve upgraded to the new beta on your iPhone X, just remember, those bars may mislead you.

You can update your iPhone to iOS 12 dev beta 4 with your valid configuration developer profile. If your iPhone is having iOS 12’s new ‘Automatic Updates’ enabled, you can update the software overnight. To download the new developer beta, open the Settings app, tap ‘General’, then ‘Software Update’. To download and install iOS 12 beta 4, select ‘Download and Install’ and follow the on-screen prompts.

Issues Resolved in This New Developer’s Beta

According to iOS 12 dev beta 4’s release notes, the following problems have been fixed by Apple:


i)The route map for a workout might be unavailable. (40008565)

Third-Party Apps

i) Netflix may quite unexpectedly while downloading a video. (40653033)
ii) Fornite may quite unexpectedly during use. (4161672)


i) Data generated for ARWorldMap and ARReferenceObject using iOS 12 beta 2 or earlier versions aren’t compatible with beta 3 or later. (41489820)


i) While in Day view, an event may appear on a wrong date. (40586854) – Workaround: Switch to Week or Month view then go back to Day view. Alternatively, try to quit and relaunch Calendar.


i) When layers are quantized with a lookup-table or <8-bits, users may encounter issues in deconvolution and recurrent layers. (40632252) – Workaround: Use only linear 8-bit quantization on these layers.

Phone and FaceTime

i) If an Apple SIM is inserted with no active data plan, restarting iPad may display ‘No SIM’ notification. (41138762)
ii) Your device might not register for FaceTime and iMessage using your phone number. (41374914) – Workaround: Restart your Apple device.

Safari & Webkit

i) Viewing Wallet passes in SFSafariViewController might be unavailable. (40415649) – Workaround: View the pass in Safari.

Screen Time

i) Screen Time data might not synchronize across iOS devices. (41548198)
ii) Screen Time website usage for a child won’t be displayed on the parent’s iOS device but can read on the child’s device. (40218447)
iii) The default ‘Always Allowed’ apps won’t be allowed in Downtime until after tapping Settings > Screen Time > Always Allowed to refresh the list of apps. (40320173).

Voice Memos

i) Voice Memos don’t sync to iTunes. (40346169)

The latest beta isn’t just available for the mobile app developers: This update was made available on July 18th, as iOS 12 public beta 3. It’s exactly the same update as the developer beta 4, so the notes mentioned in this article applies to public beta testers as well. You can check out the complete iOS 12 dev beta 4’s release notes on Apple’s official website.

However, iOS 12’s main achievement is in overall performance and stability. The new software is fully loaded with new features for dedicated iOS developers and every custom iOS app development company.

All the developers and iPhone users can look forward to big changes like:

i) Siri Shortcuts
ii) Notification Grouping
iii) USB accessory lockouts

Also, some small yet exciting features like:

i) Favicons on Safari tabs
ii) Lock screen weather widget
iii) Quick-Reply notification tapbacks

And many more new features that are more than enough to get anyone excited about the upcoming software update – iOS 12. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see what Apple will finally introduce this coming fall.