Integrating Stripe Payment Gateway to Laravel App: Everything You Should Know

Payment gateway is one of the essential features for e-commerce business sites and apps. Since it is related to making payments, it needs to be secure and authentic. After all, you cannot risk the money. Also, a payment gateway would be a deciding factor for your customers whether to go ahead with your web app or not. So, choose wisely. 

If you want to create your business web app using Laravel 8, you need a robust payment gateway that meets your needs. Stripe Payment Gateway is an ideal solution because it can integrate easily with Laravel web apps. It allows your customers to make online payments securely while completing your e-store’s payment system. 

Over the past few years, we have witnessed more and more businesses hiring Laravel development companies in India to build dynamic web applications. The reasons why there is a surge in demand for Laravel development services are its incredible features, ultimate community support, and so on.  Therefore, when you hire a Laravel developer in India, make sure they know how to work with Stripe payment gateway. 

  • What is Stripe?

When it comes to Stripe, it is a well-trusted payment gateway for online payments across the globe. It is a delight of both business owners and developers due to its ease of use. In addition to this, Stripe comes with a user-friendly interface and helps you manage things conveniently while fixing the issues quickly. 

Undoubtedly, Stripe offers a plethora of features and capabilities. But the thing that took the web app development industry by storm is its user-friendly integration in Laravel. Before you hire a dedicated Laravel developer, you need to know how to integrate the Stripe payment gateway to your Laravel web app. Of course, your Laravel developer will assist you through the integration process. But with this information, you will know what to expect. 

How to add Stripe Payment Gateway to your Laravel web app?
  • A step-by-step guide to install Stripe payment gateway in Laravel 
    If you are curious to know what it takes to integrate Stripe payment gateway with Laravel-powered web app, you are on the right page. 
    • Install the Laravel application – The first step is installing your Laravel project on the web server. You can do this using two ways, such as:
      • Hosting your application on Cloudways managed Laravel server
      • Installing Laravel application with the composer by using this command – composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel Stripe
    • Stripe Testing Keys – Now, use your login credentials and go to the Stripe dashboard. Here, we will find testing keys. Another way to retrieve Stripe testing keys is by following this instruction. 
      • Developers -> API keys 
    • Installing Stripe PHP package – If you want to interact with Stripe, it is essential to install Stripe package. You can do this by using composer and write the following code:
      • composer require stripe/stripe-php
    • Set up Stripe Public and Secret API Keys – To link Laravel to the Stripe payment gateway, it is crucial to set Stripe Publishable and Secret API keys in the .evn file. Here is what you need to do.
      • Go to the Stripe website and get yourself registered for a developer account 
      • In your Stripe dashboard, you will find the Public and Secret API keys 
      • Enable Viewing test data if you need to use Test account details 
    • Routes creation – Now, it’s time to set Laravel 8 Stripe payment gateway application routes. You need to create two routes for managing GET and POST requests simultaneously in the Laravel Stripe Controller. To create routes, open up /routes/web.php file.
    • Create Stripe Payment Controller – To create StripeController, you have to run this command -:  php artisan make:controller StripePaymentController

      It will create a file app/Http/Controllers/StripeController.php file. Now, insert the code in this file to create Stripe Payment Controller. 
    • Stripe form and validation creation – Finally, you have to create a Stripe form for accepting credit card information. Also, validation rules to ensure the provided information is accurate. 

Well, this article covers everything you need to know about integrating Stripe payment gateway in Laravel. If you come from a non-technical background, this entire process would feel overwhelming. For this reason, it is advisable to hire an expert Laravel developer with prior experience in integrating Stripe Payment gateway in the Laravel application.

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