Instagram SEO: Best Practices to Rank Higher on Search Results

Currently, Instagram is the most popular social media site with nearly 500 million daily active users across the globe. It is also known as the hub of influencer marketing. Given this number, more brands use Instagram influencer marketing or Instagram ads to promote their businesses to the targeted audiences.

It comes with no surprise that Instagram’s marketing strategy has become an essential part of digital marketing.

But Instagram algorithms are different from Google and other online marketing channels, as the former displays content in the stories, main feed, reels, and explore sections.In addition to this, the way Instagram ranks search results is different too.

Are you wondering why? The reason is this social media platform depends on users’ input for return results. Before you hire an Instagram marketing company, you should know Instagram tactics to get discovered on search results.

But have you wondered what factors does Instagram considers to rank search results?

Well, Instagram ranks profiles in order of importance of following factors, such as:

  • Text
    • Activity
    • User engagement
  • Best practices to rank higher on Instagram search results

Instagram is a powerful tool to stay ahead of your digital competitors. If you want to use Instagram SEO to your advantage, consider Instagram profile as homepage. It means it should be attractive and engaging. Also, like your website, it is necessary to optimize your Instagram with SEO and relevant keywords. Let us dive into the essentials of Instagram SEO.

  • Pick a suitable username and profile name Text is the vital ranking signal for Instagram. So, you should always choose a user and profile name that matches your content. With this, you can get your profile discovered in relevant searches.
  • Optimize your profile name with relevant keywords –The next step is to optimize your Instagram name using relevant keywords. Many people are unaware, but the Instagram profile name is searchable and customizable like the Instagram handle.

If you want your Instagram name to appear in the top searches, use important keywords in your name.

  • Use relevant keywords and hash tags in your bio –Now that you have optimized your Name field, it is time to optimize your Instagram bio as well. For this, you must use the most-searched keywords and clickable hash tags to improve your chances of appearing in the search results.

If you want to use Instagram SEO for your small or local business, do not forget to include location in your bio. Besides this, adding locations is essential in all posts, even stories.

  • Optimize your captions – Many marketers make the mistake of adding keywords and hash tags in the comments. But this does not drive traffic and sales. The best way to improve the visibility of your Instagram posts is by optimizing captions with relevant keywords and hash tags.
  • Engage with Instagram influencers and similar brands While focusing on optimizing your Instagram profile, posts, and videos, do not forget to follow and engage with fellow brands. Please remember, Instagram knows everything, what you like, who you follow and engage. According to your behavior and preferences, it suggests profiles in search results you may find interested.

To access these suggested profiles, you can go to explore page and follow and engage with complementary brands. With this, you can increase your followers while giving you opportunities to collaborate and promote your business.

Instagram SEO

The bottom line

Instagram is one of the best online channels for brand promotion and reaching out to the target audiences. Why not? It has a massive user base of all age groups. Depending on your business goals and needs, you can target potential customers. But it is crucial to consider these tactics when leveraging Instagram SEO. If you want to ensure the success of Instagram marketing efforts, hire the best Instagram promotion services.

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