Innovative SEO Strategies to opt for in 2017 for B2B Lead Generation

Technological advancements have revolutionized the world of business completely. Application of technology has provided businesses a medium to target global audience for constant growth. Taking this into consideration, businesses are going digital and are increasingly focused on devising SEO strategies to increase their B2B lead generation.

SEO is No Longer the Same

That’s true! It has changed to a great extent in the last couple of years. It is more strategic, refined and categorically result oriented. According to the best SEO companies, innovations in the following algorithms used by Google for improving search optimization have played an important role in changing it:

  • 1. Google Payday Update
  • 2. Google Pigeon Update
  • 3. Google Hummingbird
  • 4. Google Mobile Friendly Update
  • 5. Google Panda Update
  • 6. Google Penguin Update
  • 7. Google EMD
  • 8. Google Pirate Update

Therefore, businesses are fast giving up their SEO practices/trends of bygone era to switch to innovative SEO strategies to generate B2B leads.

That’s Merely a Tip of The Iceberg:

A single element does not change the entire ecosystem. In simple words, update in algorithms applied by the Google for improving search engine results alone are not sufficient for changing the entire SEO strategy of corporates. Recent changes in SEO trends in the last couple of months are also equally responsible for inspiring digital marketers to change their SEO strategies accordingly.

Best Digital Marketing Companies Advise Businesses to Watch for Changes in SEO Trends in 2017 for following 7 Reasons:

  • 1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search is going to rule SEO in 2017. Nearly 30% users like to search for anything on search engines using their natural voice. It is making almost 52% adults and 42% teens like a technology savvy. Moreover, more than 20% search queries on Google are voice searches. Increase in Voice Recognition up to 90% is the biggest reason of it. In accordance with Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google, 1 in every 5 searches conducted by users using Google Android applications are voice searches for a number of reasons:

  • a. Voice search brings long tail keywords into play to utilize their potential of attracting a lot of traffic to websites.
  • b. The results of voice based searches are correct by 95% and based on the intended meaning long tail keywords.
  • c. Nearly 90% smartphone users like to use voice recognition assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Now for local searches while they are on go. This gives local businesses a good chance to increase B2B lead generation up to 19% for adding to their ROI.
  • 2. Live Audio and Video Streaming

Users are streaming content live on their smartphones. They are streaming content live on the websites of businesses and even on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Professional SEO service providers have confirmed live streaming of videos and audios by 101 million monthly active Facebook and Twitter users as a fantastic opportunity for businesses to increase their chances of organic B2B lead generation by at least 137%. Keeping this in mind, most of the businesses are keeping room for live audio and video streaming in their SEO strategies for business growth on digital front. As for reasons, live streaming of audio and videos is good platform for businesses to improve interactions with current and potential customers on social media platforms through technically concise and to-the-point content.

  • 3. APP Store Optimization

With introduction to ASO, the SEO scope of work has increased. Now SEO is no longer for optimizing websites only. A lot of businesses are opting for mobile app development for business growth.  According to Statista, a leading statistics portal in the world, app stores are home to almost 1.5 million mobile apps. App Store Optimization demands less investment of time and money to help businesses develop trust among customers, generate higher returns on investment and ensure better access to products/services for users with the comfort of the touch of fingers.

  • 4. Tweet Optimization

Tweet Optimization is also one the SEO cheat sheets in 2017 to watch out for. Twitter has emerged as a unique SEO platform for businesses. It is the only social media platform that provides professional SEO services to help business reach their targeted audience on a very large scale through tweet optimization. That’s absolutely true. Most of the businesses don’t know it. It has certainly secured a vital room in the SEO strategies of companies like Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, HTC, Pepsi, Coca Cola, AT&T and even Nike etc. This is why they are focusing on the following:

  • a. Tweeting compelling text
  • b. Accurate use of hashtags
  • c. Use of HD Images and links
  • d. Tweeting at an appropriate time

This is certainly one of the hottest SEO trends likely to increase SEO scope of work in 2017 for businesses.

  • 5. Image Search Optimization

Text will always be an important part of SEO strategies devised by businesses for increase ROI and B2B lead generation. However, businesses generally ignore the importance of other forms of content in the form of video, audio and images mainly. On social media websites like, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinetrest, Facebook and StumbleUpon etc. Users come across images used by the businesses to optimize their websites or mobile apps for lead generation. More than 90% trust brands on the basis of the quality of images used in social media posts by businesses. This is why image optimization will dominate Social media marketing campaigns to a great extent. And SEO cheat sheet in 2017 called the image optimization will have a great role to play this whole process.

  • 6. Are all These SEO Updates the Death of Traditional SEO?

Keeping all these SEO updates and facts and figures in mind, this question definitely arises at such crucial stage. Traditional SEO has become the thing of past. And Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. are working on improving the search engine results to help businesses get better results of their investment on SEO and SMM strategies. However, certain things like keywords, Meta tags, Content, Back linking, Social media and images etc. will remain an integral part of SEO strategies for a long time to come. Therefore, the answer to question above is very simple. Traditional SEO has not died. It is alive. It has just got technologically advanced an improved.

  • 7. One Last Suggestion for Businesses

Traditional SEO will still have a great role to play for businesses to get their apps or websites optimized to perfection for increase in B2B lead generation and ROI. Therefore, seeking the services of the best SEO companies or SEO professional is the best advice for them because SEO has changed and it has changed SEO and SMM strategies of every business too.