Improving Branding & Likes through Facebook Ads – A Case Study

This case study is how I worked as a Facebook Ads Consultant for Rezo – a Business Directory Mobile App and improved their branding from scratch. They witnessed success in a short span. The primary tasks for the project were app install ads, business page promotion, and branding.


  • About the  project 
  • Company’s background 
  • The challenges and requirements
  • Achievement summary
  • Our marketing strategy
  • Tools and resources used
  • Our working methodology 
  • Results

About the project: 

The case study focuses on branding and app installs for iOS and Android for Rezo, a Business Directory Mobile App. 

Company’s background:

Rezo is a Business Directory Mobile App that connects customers and service providers, such as doctors, restaurants, etc. at the same place. Based in Mauritius, the primary goal of a company is to ensure easy connection. 

The Key Challenges: 

Rezo was a new company in the market. When they approached to meet their business needs and demands, the main difficulty Rezo faced was generating the app installs for the client. In addition to this, they had a limited budget. So, we have to keep these challenges in mind when offering the right solutions. 

Client’s requirements: 

The client wanted to get app installs for both iOS and Android while focusing on branding. In simple words, they want to enhance their online visibility. Thus, they wanted to hire Facebook advertising experts for quick and guaranteed results. We seemed the right choice to match their goals. We leveraged Facebook Ads marketing, as this social media platform is the most visited and has a large customer base. Rezo emphasized the following growth metrics:

  • Improve their branding on social media 
  • App installs for iOS and Android 
  • Boost online traffic organically 

Achievement Summary: 

Since the client’s primary focus was improving traffic and online visibility, we ran a Facebook ad campaign, and app installs ads. Our effective social media marketing led to attractive reach and several likes within a short duration and minimal investment. 

To improve branding, we ran an ad to receive more Facebook likes. Here are the results we got through optimization and A/B testing:

optimization and A/B testing

Coming to App installs, we ran app campaigns, and here are the results we received:

The results of Google and YouTube ads are as follows:

results of Google and YouTube ads

Our marketing strategy:

After in-depth research of the market and precise analysis of Rezo, we executed the following marketing strategy:

  • Firstly, we had to boost the branding and awareness of Rezo among people, as it was a new company. Thus, our initial marketing strategy involved focusing on awareness and branding ads. It is followed by app installs and conversion campaigns.  
  • To achieve the desired results, we decided to use a Facebook page like ads and run campaigns for two consecutive weeks. Besides Facebook, our strategy also covered Google and YouTube skippable ads.

Tools and resources used:

Depending on our client’s goals and needs, we opted for the following tools to achieve desired results, such as:

  • Facebook Ads Manager: For campaign and ads creation
  • Adobe Illustrator: For graphics and creative creation
  • Facebook Event Manager: To check the traffic through pixel
  • Google Ads: For Google App install and YouTube ads campaigns

Our working methodology: 

While strictly adhering to our marketing strategy, we used the following methods to overcome any challenges that may come along:

  • Optimization of the website for a better user experience 
  • Overall analysis 
  • Industry research to understand customers’ needs and demands
  • Technical audit using Screaming frog and SEMRush 
  • Page speed optimization 
  • Optimizing images 
  • Internal linking optimization 
  • Implementing SSL to ensure a safe website as per the search engines norm 
  • Making sure website is mobile responsive 
  • Creating Pillar pages to ensure stable keyword ranking on SERP


By implementing well-strategic marketing plan combined with our Facebook ad consultants, we have successfully achieved:

  • Organic traffic reach with minimum investment
  • Several Facebook likes that helped in brand awareness
  • Significant app installs both iOS and Android 

If you want to hire Facebook advertising experts, get in touch with us. Whether you are considering increasing your existing business visibility online or want to start from scratch, we have got you covered.